We just finished hashtags and we’re in the middle of storyboarding for a short video when Hezzah blurts out: “Teacher, I can’t concentrate. Please just let me play DuoLingo”? She and her classmates are fasting and it’s a really hot day. “I’m becoming really good at English…”
This is our Digital Literacy class in two Alternative Learning Centres in Sabah.
Over the past months, we’ve been teaching a 100-hour course and we’re nearing the final stretch. The students are running a crowdfunding campaign for their respective schools. They have been busy with blog posts, photo essays, video editing and pitching to the public. They are learning how to tell their story and how to reach the right audience. Check it out here and here.
And boy, do they have a story. These students are stateless – they have no documents and no official nationality. WIth Federal and State Legislation being the way they are currently, their future and their safety is always uncertain. Take a minute to imagine how this might impact their self-confidence, their ambition and their dreams.
While teaching this course, we have seen their talent. We’ve taught them the tools and the tricks of the digital trade. After some initial hesitation, they have now put all hands on deck and they are the ones pushing us to take things to the next level! The Whatsapp group has become a strategic headquarters and classes will continue to run during school holidays at their request.
We are raising funds to build a Digital Hub and the infrastructure needed to support it. This would enable the students to continue learning things online after our course is completed. It would also enable us to continue communicating with them and mentoring them from afar.
The target is RM75,000 per school. Due to Actyvate’s matching programme, each school needs to raise RM25,000. The effort on the ground is full-scale, with teachers and management being equally as excited as the students.
Think about it… how much do you rely on your laptop and phone to access information or to solve your problems? Making this crowdfunding campaign a success would really, tangibly change the future lives of these students and those that come after them. It would also give them an incredible boost in confidence and hopefully spark back up some of the dreams that they had when they were younger – Astronaut, Prime Minister, Scientist and anything their hearts and minds desire .
The message from us teachers is that we need you to be a part of this. The magic of crowdfunding is only unlocked when there is strength in numbers. Read and share their story. Donate to make it happen. It will change their lives. And remember that it’s the little things that make the big things work.
Be part of the change by donating through the following links,
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    Very great effort,
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