DB X Futuremakers 2023

on a free digital transformation

Get your business ready for the Future of Work

Strategise your digital transformation

Understand how digital technologies and tools can drive business growth, increase operational efficiency and enhance your teams' working experience. Take your business to the next level with Digital Presence.
Build your digital presence

Get started with expert guidance to create and maintain a strong presence on the web and social media channels. Discover the basics you must know to grow your brand. Build a Digital Presence Plan to effectively showcase your brand and reach a wider audience with Digital Presence.
Partners - Yayasan Hasanah
Partners - Yayasan HasanahPartners - Yayasan HasanahPartners - Yayasan Hasanah

Who is
this for?

For those SMEs looking for:

- Copywriters
- Graphic Designers
- Social Media Managers
- Digital Marketers
- Web Designers & Developers

For those SMEs looking for:

- Admin Assistant
- Online Customer Service
- Digital Operations Managers

What Will You Gain?

Develop a Lasting Impression

Digital presence is YOUR new business card. It's how you show up on the internet, and it's how the world sees you. Your digital presence is your chance to make a lasting first impression and connect with your target audience in a powerful way.

Brush Up Your Technical Abilities

Learn the basics of communication, social media management, web design & development, digital marketing, and operations management. Know what you need to know to be able to build your omni-channel digital presence strategy.

Practice working with a Virtual Workforce

Changing career landscape have opened up new opportunities to find talent across borders. Learn how to work with a virtual workforce that works remotely, grasp the basics of managing a virtual team, and experience the benefits of a virtual workforce.

Choose the path you want to take

The pathways are designed to provide learning opportunities that meets your needs by enabling you to choose your own  courses. You will be empowered to learn at your own pace, completing your chosen courses and quizzes at a time thats best suits you. Course assignments are curated to encourage action-learning, guiding you to take concrete actions toward your growth.
Digital Entrepreneur
This pathway is for those that are skilled - be it digital or non-digital skills. You will learn to market yourself and earn income
5 courses
4 office hours
RM 449
Digital Career
This pathway is for those seeking full-time employment. You will learn to build a thriving career and secure growth opportunities
5 courses
4 office hours
RM 449

Application Timeline

Phase 1:
Application Form

Fill Up and Submit DB X Futuremakers ApplicationDB X Futuremakers Application
(estimated time to complete: 10 mins)

Phase 2:
Virtual Interview

You will be invited to a virtual interview if your application is shortlisted. Keep an eye on your email inbox!

Phase 3:
Training Agreement

If your SME is accepted, you will receive a congratulatory email and a training agreement. Sign and return it. We will share the next steps with you then.

Program Components

Digital Presence Plan

You will build your digital presence plan which you can execute in 2-weeks time, with the help of our talents.

Briefing Call

Meet the talent(s) you will be hosting and understand each other's goals and expectations for participating in 2-week project placement.

Host A Talent

Host a talent for 2-weeks during which the talent will help you to execute your digital presence plan.

Embracing Digitalisation

The team at Mereka will closely follow your progress and track your digitalisation progress over the next few months.

Online Learning

You will complete two online courses within a period of 2-weeks. Majority of learners complete the learning within 1 week.

Learning Path

Future of Work Community

You will be added to Mereka’s Future of Work Community on Discord where you will meet your fellow learners.

Online Learning

You will complete the learning path of your choice within a period of 2-weeks to 1 month. Majority of learners complete the learning within 2 weeks.

Office Hours

As you work on your online learning modules, you will also be attending Office Hour sessions.

Project Placement

Upon completion of the learning path, you will be matched with a SME for a 2-week project placement.

Career Guidance & Mentorship

The team at Mereka will closely follow your progress and track your employment status and income earnings until you secure employment opportunities and income.

DB X Futuremakers Eligibility Criteria

FREE Training Eligibility

  • Legally registered business entity operating in Malaysia
  • Select 1 staff member to participate in the program for the whole duration
  • Has the capacity to put training programme learnings into practice

Expected commitments

  • Selected staff member is to complete 2 online course on Digital Transformation within 2 weeks upon onboarding
  • Selected staff member is to guide and manage assigned talents throughout the duration of project placement, including attending briefing calls and filling up progress surveys
  • Reporting of your digitalisation progress for 3-months post-programme

DB X Futuremakers Application

This program matches the business owner with the expertise of a digital marketer so that entrepreneurs can improve the utilization of digital platforms for business.
Mawar Yudiana Mohamad
Hafiz Rashid & Co
All three of the candidates assigned did a pretty good job despite being new to the freelancing environment. They have proven their immense growth and adaptability to the new norm of professional working experience.
Thilak Sundaram

Appreciate the efforts and creative ideas to push this positive initiative in digitalisation for SME.
Vivy Khoo
The Waymaker Legacy

Success stories

In this success stories section, we've compiled a collection of real-life examples of how our learners overcame challenges and achieved remarkable results upon completing this programme. We hope these stories will inspire and motivate you as you consider how the Future of Work programme can help you reach your own goals.
View all

Breaking the glass ceiling: Qash Aris advocating Malaysians to pursue success through technology

The beginning of success is passion. GS Fauziyah Md Aris, also known as Qash Aris, has been interested in entrepreneurship since she was a child. Her mother's principles not only encouraged Qash Aris to develop her entrepreneurial abilities, but they also helped her develop creative, innovative, and advocacy skills that she still uses today.
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Mereka Digital Entrepreneur To The Rescue: Upskilling Freelancers, Scaling SMEs

Digitalisation breaches the untraditional, and opens doors for digital workers and freelancers to SMEs to scale their business. We spoke to our Career Partners on how digitalisation has impacted their SME; which includes APE Malaysia, Graze Market, Women of Will and Life Origin.
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Digital Careers As The Future of Work

As technology integrates itself into the normalities of life, digital careers are mushrooming. This translates to more job opportunities for the digitally literate. It is time to embrace these emerging career prospects and equip the youth with the necessary skills to kickstart their digital career.
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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

What is this program about?

DB X Futuremakers is designed and developed to support SME digitalizes their business through online training and providing pro bono assistants to support the digital engagement strategies and project management tasks.

What is the background of the talents we will be hosting for Project Placement?

  • The participants are B40 youths across different states in Malaysia that are either unemployed or underemployed. Since they are from the B40 group, some of them may be facing challenges in terms of internet connectivity, limited devices but they are highly enthusiastic people who are seeking career opportunities either in freelancing  or in employment.
  • You will be assigned with a maximum of 2 participants for 2 weeks, with skills background as indicated in the Application Form, depending on participants availability.

What will be the talents' working schedules and the availability?

The working schedule is entirely up to your discretion with the participants. In total, each talent will be contributing 80-hours worth of work during the 2-weeks Project Placement.

However, please be reminded that:

  • Participants who are freelancers are likely to have other day-work engagements. Therefore, do discuss the organization’s expectation, work schedules, meeting schedules and work progress/update calls as well as deliverables timeline clearly during the Briefing Session.
  • Some participants do not have prior working experience, and require a bit  of guidance in the beginning. As stated above, do set the expectation, especially deadlines and deliverables.

What will happen at the end of the Project Placement?

  • We highly encourage you to  re-engage the participants either as freelancers working on specific campaigns or projects, or you can hire them as your full-time staff as they are already exposed to the organization business and structure!
  • We will also schedule a quick post program check in call to get your feedback on your experience working with our participants.

Are the tasks assigned to the participants limited to the listed sample in the Application Form?

The tasks listed in the Application Form  are meant to be as a guide. You may assign any other tasks as you see fit to the participants capabilities. However, we highly encourage you to add responsibilities that are focusing on digital engagement strategies and project management as that is what most of these participants are proficient in.

Do I need to provide anything, for example stipend, to the participants?

You are not required to provide the participants anything as they will be receiving their stipend from us. However, if you decide to engage with them after the Project Placement period, you may discuss the fee / rate directly with them.

What is the reporting process?

We will do progress check in with you, to ensure we provide sufficient support throughout the Project Placement period. Additionally, you may highlight any challenges or feedback to us during the check in as well. The schedule of this will be shared in due course.

What are the benefits my organization will  receive participating in this program?

Your organization will be getting tailored pro bono support from our participants for 4 weeks. They will assist you on the  digital engagement tasks and additional support for the day-to-day operational task.

You will also get a virtual working experience exposure with our B40 youths nationwide.

Additionally, you may see previous SMEs testimonials here.

Is this a virtual program?

Yes, this program is conducted 100% virtually. You will not be required to attend any sessions physically.

What is expected of me as a participant in this program?

You are expected to:

  • Complete all project requirements such as completing your online courses, attending office hours, participating and successfully completing your project placement, and sharing your employment and income progress with us for a period up to 1-year

Why am I required to share my employment and income information?

As a participant of the DE X Futuremakers Program, you are being sponsored via funding from Futuremakers by Standard Chartered to specifically assist you in finding employment and having an increase in income. Hence, in order to measure the success of the program, we need to track and monitor your employment and income progress.

How long do I need to share my employment and income information?

You will be required to share employment and income information up to 1-year since your participation in the program.

Do I have to look for work immediately?

Yes, this program is to help you find employment and income immediately. Hence, you must be available and willing to find employment and income immediately with our guidance.

Who is considered unemployed?

Our participants usually take 6 weeks to complete the full program.

What kind of benefits can I expect from this program?

Have a read of testimonials from our past participants on their journey with us.