DE X Futuremakers 2023

Kick-start your
career progress

Diversify your career options and earn a higher income with your existing talents

Partners - Yayasan Hasanah

Build a flexible
remote-working career

Do you know you can earn an income working as a digital freelancer via digital working platforms? Learn how to become a digital freelancer and build your portfolio and career. Explore the Digital Entrepreneur Path

Find long-term
work opportunities

Are you struggling to find full-time employment? Unlock your potential by learning the skills, strategies and connections to help you land a job and succeed in it. Explore the Digital Career Path
Partners - Yayasan HasanahPartners - Yayasan HasanahPartners - Yayasan HasanahPartners - Yayasan HasanahPartners - Yayasan Hasanah

Who is
this for?

For those with Creative Skill Sets:

- Copywriters
- Graphic Designers
- Social Media Managers
- Digital Marketers
- Web Designers & Developers

For those with Admin & Management Skill Sets:

- Admin Assistant
- Online Customer Service
- Digital Operations Managers
Partners - Yayasan HasanahPartners - Yayasan HasanahPartners - Yayasan HasanahPartners - Yayasan HasanahPartners - Yayasan HasanahPartners - Yayasan HasanahPartners - Yayasan HasanahPartners - Yayasan Hasanah

What Will You Gain?

Discover Your Talent

Discover and showcase your most in-demand abilities through skills profiling and personalised self-branding activities! You will learn how to build your personal profiles and portfolios that speak directly to your prospective clients.

Gain Real-World Experience

Learn how to handle customers and their expectations, go through a simulation challenge with industry partners, and experience a 2-week project placement at an SME. Practice approaching clients and selling your services too.

Secure Your Future Career

Be ready to tackle the challenges of the future workforce. Build a sustainable and thriving career that provides you with financial sustainability. Learn how to continuously learn and to remain relevant in the job market.

Choose the path you want to take

The pathways are designed to provide learning opportunities that meets your needs by enabling you to choose your own  courses. You will be empowered to learn at your own pace, completing your chosen courses and quizzes at a time thats best suits you. Course assignments are curated to encourage action-learning, guiding you to take concrete actions toward your growth.
Digital Entrepreneur
This pathway is for those that are skilled - be it digital or non-digital skills. You will learn to market yourself and earn income
5 courses
4 office hours
RM 449
Digital Career
This pathway is for those seeking full-time employment. You will learn to build a thriving career and secure growth opportunities
5 courses
4 office hours
RM 449

Application Timeline

Phase 1:
Application Form

Fill Up and Submit FREE Training Application
(estimated time to complete: 10 mins)

Phase 2:
Virtual Interview

A virtual interview invitation will be sent to you if your application is shortlisted. Keep an eye on your email inbox!

Phase 3:
Training Agreement

If you are accepted, you will receive a congratulatory email, along with a training agreement. Sign and return it. We will share the next steps with you then.

Program Components

Future of Work Community

You will be added to Mereka’s Future of Work Community on Discord where you will meet your fellow learners.

Online Learning

You will complete the learning path of your choice within a period of 2-weeks to 1 month. Majority of learners complete the learning within 2 weeks.

Office Hours

As you work on your online learning modules, you will also be attending Office Hour sessions.

Project Placement

Upon completion of the learning path, you will be matched with a SME for a 2-week project placement.

Career Guidance & Mentorship

The team at Mereka will closely follow your progress and track your employment status and income earnings until you secure employment opportunities and income.

Program Elements

Self-paced learning via Online Courses

You learn at your own pace, at a time and location that’s convenient for you. All that is required is you complete the 5 courses in the path of your choice within a 2-week period.

Social learning via Office Hours

Discuss and work on real world application based assignments featured on your online course with your trainers and fellow learners.

Experiential learning via Project Placement

Work with a local SME for 2-weeks via a virtual project placement and learn on-the-job. This is an opportunity for you to impress the SME and secure a job from them.

Find you market readiness via Skills Test

Test your skill level and find out how ready are your skills to enter the job market through skills test assignments provided by industry experts

Future of Work Community on Discord

Get access to a community of like-minded learners and have meaningful conversations with course instructors, office hour facilitators, and fellow learners.

Stay on track with Career Mentorship

Be part of a vibrant learning community that keeps you on track your employability and income goals and offers exclusive growth opportunities

DE X Futuremakers
Eligibility Criteria

FREE Training Eligibility

  • Open to Malaysians aged between 18 and 35 only
  • Your household income shall be within the B40 income classification, that is below RM 4,850
  • Good command of the English language
  • Must possess digitally adaptive skills and expertise
  • Must be unemployed or underemployed (refer to FAQ for further details)

Expected commitments

  • Committed to your own career development, employment and income generation
  • Completion of 5 courses from the learning path of your choice and attendance to 4 live zoom office hour sessions. You will receive an allowance of RM 100 upon completion.
  • Completion of 2-week virtual project placement. You will received an allowance of RM 500 upon completion.
  • Sharing of your career progress on a monthly basis for a year, including your employment and income information

DE X Futuremakers Application

A program to diversify your income option and build a flexible remote-working career with a higher income potential.

Choose AMA session

This is an opportunity for you to get answers to any questions you may have about the program and how it can help you develop the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in your career. Our experienced trainers will be on hand to answer your questions and provide guidance and support.

So don't be shy, ask us anything! We're here to help you succeed and reach your career goals.
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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

Who is considered unemployed?

You are considered unemployed if you are currently not working but available for work and are actively looking for work.

Who is considered underemployed?

You are underemployed if:

  • You are employed less than 30 hours per week due to the nature of your work or because of insufficient work and are able and willing to accept additional hours of work.
  • Or, you want to change your current employment situation in order to use your occupational skills more fully and are available to do so.

A few example circumstances are:

  • You possess a Bachelor’s Degree or Diploma but are working in semi-skilled and low-skilled occupations
  • You are working a job that is mismatched with your skills, expertise, and experience and you are earning a low salary due to the mismatch  

I am a student. Can I apply?

It depends.

You are not eligible, if you are a student and

  • Are not actively looking for starting work immediately (today)
  • Do not have a need to earn an income immediately (today)
  • Are applying for the program to gain more knowledge instead of finding jobs/income immediately

You are eligible, if you are a student and

  • Are already working part-time/full-time/freelance and has a genuine interest in finding better employment opportunities
  • Are already working part-time/full-time/freelance and has an in immediate need for earning income
  • You are supporting yourself and your family financially

What is an employable digital skill?

Employable digital skills are hard digital skills that can gain you a job. If you possess skills to do work in below listed fields, you are highly likely to possess an employable digital skill.

  • IT & Development
  • Design & Creative
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Admin & Customer Support
  • Engineering & Architecture
  • Legal, Sales & Marketing
  • Writing & Translation

For a comprehensive list of employable digital skills, refer to

However, the DE X Futuremakers program are most suitable for you, if you are interested in:

  • Communications: Helping businesses to build their brand presence and awareness via branding, copywriting, content writing, graphic design, etc
  • Admin & Customer Support: Helping businesses to provide better customer service to their customers and build their business reputation
  • Digital Marketing: Helping businesses to promote their products and services using digital marketing strategies
  • Social Media Management: Helping businesses to increase and strengthen their social media presence
  • Web Design & Development: Helping businesses to build and maintain an engaging and functional website

Regardless, we still encourage you to make an application.

What is considered a good command of English?

If you can read and understand this FAQ section, you are considered to have a good command of English required for this program.

Is this a virtual program?

Yes, this program is conducted 100% virtually. You will not be required to attend any sessions physically.

What is expected of me as a participant in this program?

You are expected to:

  • Complete all project requirements such as completing your online courses, attending office hours, participating and successfully completing your project placement, and sharing your employment and income progress with us for a period up to 1-year

Why am I required to share my employment and income information?

As a participant of the DE X Futuremakers Program, you are being sponsored via funding from Futuremakers by Standard Chartered to specifically assist you in finding employment and having an increase in income. Hence, in order to measure the success of the program, we need to track and monitor your employment and income progress.

How long do I need to share my employment and income information?

You will be required to share employment and income information up to 1-year since your participation in the program.

Do I have to look for work immediately?

Yes, this program is to help you find employment and income immediately. Hence, you must be available and willing to find employment and income immediately with our guidance.

Who is considered unemployed?

Our participants usually take 6 weeks to complete the full program.

What kind of benefits can I expect from this program?

Have a read of testimonials from our past participants on their journey with us.

Now, I know the importance of preparation and knowledge to be a freelancer and also how to take care of our mental health while working.
Mawar Yudiana Mohamad
27 years old

Excellent deliveries! I have ADHD, and it’s usually challenging for me to pick up with teachers, but i’ve had no issues catching up during the sessions.
Az Zahra Alex
24 years old
A door or window-like program. Well, to put it simply, the program is like one of those door that could either open you up better opportunities or a window where you can look out to expand your views more.
Nurin Syasya
27 years old

Success stories

In this success stories section, we've compiled a collection of real-life examples of how our learners overcame challenges and achieved remarkable results upon completing this programme. We hope these stories will inspire and motivate you as you consider how the Future of Work programme can help you reach your own goals.
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As any freelancer might know, running a solo business tends to be wholly consuming and quite isolating. Community is everything, and this Digital Entrepreneur graduate found hers through the programme.
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How Clarissa Loi Went From Bank Loan Officer To Freelance Digital Marketer

Clarissa faced the same challenges other young people faced seeking employment during the pandemic, with competitive and over-saturated markets making it difficult for anybody to enter entry-level jobs. But the pandemic didn’t stop her from pursuing a change in career.
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How Aqilah Diyanti Learned to be Persistent with Me.reka’s Digital Entrepreneur Programme

This chemical engineer turned copywriter took a leap of faith and pivoted careers by applying for a role in Biji-Biji Initiative. Instead, she was offered the opportunity to unlock further potential through a scholarship with the Digital Entrepreneur programme.

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