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Success stories & Case studies
Creative Economy

The Creative Hub Movement: More Than Just Creativity

Community Development

Rumah Rakyat: One-stop solution for PPR communities

Impactors who wish to help the community may not have the right tools, resources, and information. Rumah Rakyat is a one-stop solution that bridges the gap between the underprivileged and changemakers in improving accessibility to initiatives and resources for the betterment of the community.
Community Development

Impact for Change Platform: Initiatives In Action

Let’s have a look at 3 ongoing initiatives at Taylor’s Me.reka Makerspace’s Impact4Change platform. From creating shelters out of hotels to improving application development, this platform bridges the gap between students and industry players to achieve a common goal.
Community Development

Your Quick Guide to Understand Duckie Pi

Learn more about the features and functionalities that go into DuckiePi - a budget-friendly device created to assist with e-learning. The mechanisms of the device work just like your everyday chromebook. Keeping the B40 community in mind, it was designed to be affordable.
Community Development

Impact for Change Platform: How Does It Work?

The Impact4Change platform is a collaboration between Taylor’s University and Taylor’s Mereka Makerspace to connect students with industry players to engage, curate and innovate solutions to real-world problems.

Future of Business

Telling Tales of Malaysia Through its Crafts with Andy From KL Ideacraft Link

Future of Business

Championing Success: Future of Business Unveiled by Thriving Entrepreneurs!


Driving Sustainability and Social Impact: Empowering Southeast Asia's Game Creators and Innovators

Future of Business

Creating Impactful Educational Content for Business Success

Discover how businesses can create impactful educational content to attract, engage, and convert their audience. Gain valuable insights and practical tips for success in the digital age.

Future of Work

Empowering Micro, Small, and Medium-sized Businesses in the Future Workforce

Discover the top 5 future-proof roles that greatly impact MSMEs' growth and development on the celebrated MSMEs Day, uncovering exciting opportunities for small businesses.

Future of Business

Cultivating a Sustainable Fashion Movement: Inspiring Ethical Choices for a Better Future

In this blog, we explore the urgent need to shift towards ethical fashion practices. Together, we can cultivate a fashion revolution that prioritizes ethics and environmental responsibility for a brighter future.

Future of Work
Community Development

Igniting Change and Cultural Prosperity of Southeast Asia

Discover the dynamic world of Southeast Asian artists who are reshaping societies, fueling economic growth, and championing cultural revival. Explore the economic potential of the creative industry in countries like Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines. Join us on a journey of artistic transformation and cultural prosperity in Southeast Asia.