Engineer's Growth: Mereka's Program Inspires New Horizons

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Engineer's Growth: Mereka's Program Inspires New Horizons

Eugene Sumakwel Torrato Servigon
January 14, 2022

Eugene Sumakwel Torrato Servigon

A Filipino researcher with an interest in the social sciences. I am also a musician with a strong love for arts, language, and literature.

October 4, 2023

Lee Soon Wei, also known as Steve, is 27 years old and new to freelancing. He took an interest in learning about the gig industry because he was looking to find new means of income that would offer him greater mobility and control over work. 

Upon joining Mereka’s Digital Entrepreneur Programme, Steve was struck by the passion and enthusiasm demonstrated by the course trainers. These trainers introduced him to a whole range of digital tools and platforms he had previously not heard of before. Very soon, his perspective towards gig work would change. 

Steve currently works as an engineer, but he plans to dive into copywriting. “During the session, when I was doing one of the copywriting assignments, it hit me that I like expressing myself in words”, Steve said. “And if it brings value to others, it is actually a pretty good skill.”

He believes that the enthusiasm and care that Mereka’s Digital Entrepreneur team showed went a long way in inspiring him as a young adult looking to get into freelance. He especially enjoyed the course module ‘Productivity Tools for Efficiency’ taught by Ms Mala.

“Her energy, intent and informative class were very outstanding,” Steve recalled. 

He took those lessons from the programme and has tried implementing them in his current role. Recently, he began using Slack to communicate with his colleagues. He plans to continue to find more copywriting jobs and pick up more books and podcasts to further expand his knowledge and benefit his career. 

“Honestly, there needs to be more time management on new challenges, on my new job, and my other passions,” Steve weighs in on his burgeoning freelance career. “I'd say I need more personal time on this venture.” 

When asked what his advice to fellow young adults looking to join the programme would be, Steve said, “Don't hesitate! Get in the know now and open your mind to various sources of income not yet fully known as there are more and more new tasks every day as we go on”. 

Steve is looking forward to meeting more people who share his gig aspirations. The hope is to create a support network for himself that is self-inspiring and thus, self-sufficient along the way. We wish Steve all the best as he forays into the digital world!

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