Let's Hear from Cherish, our Marketing & Communications Intern

Cherish Lee Khar Yie
September 8, 2021

What are your thoughts on the Changemaker Talent Development Internship overview and the impact?

Overall, the CTDP experience has been a rewarding one. It is a great platform for growth, exploration, opportunities to learn new skills, and getting out of my comfort zone. It has definitely impacted me to be more courageous when it comes to communicating and being involved in projects, being adaptive, and expanding my mind on the concept of sustainability and community empowerment. The whole experience was amazing, mainly because of the wonderful people and culture here that will always encourage and help you whenever you’re in need. I love the friendly environment!

What is the best CTDP internship experience that you have?

The best CTDP internship experience I had was the monthly get-together every month-end. On the last Friday of every month, the whole Biji-biji Initiative team will gather together for a fun time. We would play ice breakers, updating each other on how we’re doing/work-related things, getting to know new people, and have an appreciation time for the team members, or a time of saying our goodbyes to those leaving. It was a chill time, and it’s great to see everyone coming together!

What are the challenges and opportunities that you have gained with us?

Some of the challenges I faced were feeling nervous when it comes to meeting with partners and collaborators and picking up on some technical side of things (For example: setting advertisements). But everything was still manageable because of the guidance by my patient and understanding supervisor and colleagues! Some of the opportunities I have gained in this CTDP were being part of a project (on my first week of internship), learning new skills in marketing and communications, meeting with different partners and/or collaborators, exploring content-creating (and some designing), and so much more! Not to mention working with really great people

What are your learning experiences?

Throughout the CTDP, one thing I’ve learned is not to see myself as JUST an intern. I often thought that I might not be good enough to help or I did not havehave not much to contribute because I am an intern with low experience. But I’m grateful that the people here were patient with me and worked with me like I’m part of the team, involving me and getting my opinions on some matters. I’ve also learned to be adaptive, alert, and ready to help when anyone in the team needs help. Besides the practical and technical side of things (such as using efficient tools and platforms for work, how to write better copies, how to approach potential partners, manage social media, get insights, analyse data etc..); I have gained a larger understanding on our efforts towards sustainability, the importance of it and how we can empower our communities for the better. I’ve learned that we can always find innovative and creative ways to give our communities the opportunity to thrive in this day and age and empower them through education.

Do you have any advice for your CTDP interns?

At times when you feel insecure about yourself, your capabilities or your work, know that you WILL get better as long as you try and do your best. We're all still learning, so don't beat yourself up too much if you made a mistake or if things aren't perfect. Always try to find joy in your work, and don't be afraid to ask for help! The people at Biji-biji Initiative are always there to guide you. And don't be a stranger, make some friends, there's a lot of cool people here

Cherish Lee Khar Yie

Cherish is a Social Science graduate with a major in Anthropology and Sociology. She is truly invested in social issues that surround society and advocates for the betterment of the community through youth empowerment, education, and systemic change.