Talent Development

Let's Hear from Cherish, our Marketing & Communications Intern

Biji-biji & Me.reka is an enterprise that promotes employee’s career and personal growth alongside opportunities in exploring new skills. Working in an impact-driven enterprise definitely expend perceptions on the concept of sustainability and community empowerment. Let’s hear from our Marketing & Communications Intern, Cherish Lee on her experience!

Talent Development

Let's Hear from Jordan, our Marketing & Communications Intern

Learn more about the career and personal opportunities that Biji-biji Initiative & Me.reka has to offer from our Marketing & Communications Intern, Jordan throughout his experiences in being a part of the Changemaker Talent Development Programme 2021

Talent Development

Let's Hear from Laksheena Doshi, our HR Intern

Due to the flexible nature of Biji-biji & Me.reka, employees here are highly encourage to practice continuous communication with one another. This is especially beneficial during monthly meetings where an exchange of ideas alongside values are actively discussed. Let’s hear from our Human Resources Intern, Laksheena on her experience!

Talent Development

Let's Hear from Nurlini Setiawarni, our Web Development & IT Intern

Here at Biji-Biji Initiative & Me.reka, proactiveness and self-initiative is highly valued and encouraged in our working culture. Get to learn more on the various experiences alongside hands-on tasks from our Web Development and IT Intern, Nurlini Setiawarni on her journey for being a part of the Changemaker Talent Development Programme 2021.

Talent Development

Let's Hear from Nurul Anith, our HR Intern

Here at Biji-Biji & Me.reka, the “can do" working culture is highly instilled as interns are given the opportunity to experience various assignments that are out of their original assigned tasks to keep us on our toes and looking forward to what tomorrow has to bring. Let’s hear from Nurul Anith, our Human Resource Intern on her experience!

Digital Transformation

Journey to the Clouds with Airtable (Project Management)

PM ToolKit, a comprehensive management toolkit developed by Me.reka containing all learnings and expertise into a database in Airtable. The Me.reka PM Toolkit allows employees to effectively manage and track task distributions, goal setting, alongside the progress of budget tracking.

Digital Transformation

How Airtable Empowered Me.reka to Assist Our Frontliners

Here at Biji-biji & Me.reka, we utilize Airtable to ideate, manage and execute business objectives, alongside community campaigns as it serves as a powerful database modelling to carry out the practice of designs, knowledge, resources and expertise between groups to be shared.

Talent Development

Let's Hear from Aliana Aziz, our Project Management Intern

Biji-biji & Me.reka instils a healthy working culture where employees are able to work flexibly with experienced individuals in an impact-driven enterprise. Let’s hear from our Project Management intern, Aliana Aziz, throughout her journey!

Digital Entrepreneurship
Future Careers

Is there a Future for Youths without Degrees?

Modernity has upped the ante of ever-increasing education fees, study loan debts, and job scarcity, but spawned a plethora of opportunities for digital entrepreneurship, self-employment, and freelancing positions, there’s no wonder that youths are left to ponder: do degrees really matter anymore?
Digital Entrepreneurship

The Darker Side of Covid and A New Light of Mental Resilience

Lockdown depression, anxiety, the feeling of emptiness come as the emotional result of failing a venture you've worked so hard for - and it's pushing us to the brink, ending businesses, relationships, lifelong goals, or much worse.

Community Development

Meet Tauqeer: The Resilient Artling

Ever known someone in your life with an exuberant drive for creativity and change? We do, our someone is none other than the legend and artist himself, Tauqeer! Take on a journey of métier and mettle, artful tenacity and a fetching Tinman. Do you share his craftsmanship and resilience?
Talent Development

Let's Hear from Natalia Shahrilnazim, our HR intern

Here at Biji-biji & Me.reka, we encourage and believe that culture is important and our team feel empowered to share their experience of working in an impact-driven enterprise. Let's hear from our intern Natalia Shahrilnazim, a Human Resource intern, on her experience!