#ClimateStrike KL 2019 Guide

Climate Strike KL is less than 24 hours away and the response from Malaysian citizens has been super positive! Thank you so much for the support and reaching out to all of us to contribute and volunteer your time. We have an eventful evening planned out for you and we are sure everyone has got lots of questions in mind on what to expect and how to prepare for tomorrow’s strike. 

Look no further as we crafted a personalized manual for you in preparation of what to expect and how to get ready for it. 

0. Our Demands

On behalf of our country, here are the demands that we are making through the climate strike:

1. Accountability and action against the companies that are perpetrators of forest fires that’s causing the haze.

2. A joint climate action group that tackles transborder issues of marine pollution, reducing greenhouse gas emission, shift in energy policies, and protection of forest, peatlands, and mangroves.

3. A yearly reporting mechanism that requires every ASEAN country to report its progress, and actions being taken inline with the Paris Agreement, which 9 out of 10 ASEAN countries are signatories.

Think about what your demands are as well as an individual? Join us in the climate strike and voice out your views and demands! Let’s be part of the change, let’s try to make a difference!

1. We will be making picket signs together, so bring some materials

If you have your own picket signs, bring them. If not, make some with us. Your fellow Strikers will appreciate any extras. Ideally, we’ll have a unified voice through the signs, which will allow on-lookers to know what you’re demonstrating. Look online to get inspired with any phrases, themes, or statements that are already being used for the climate strike movement.

We got your back at the Picket Making station with materials and paint markers but bring your own too so there’s enough to go around for everyone. Think about getting some poles/sticks to raise your signs up high for better visibility. Better yet, bring an old banner to make a massive sign to share your message. Used cardboard and sharpies or paint markers are a great combo, but work with what you have, just aim for big, bold, legible letters. Get creative! 

Check out this guide for more inspiration

2. Stay safe: bring & wear a mask. 

We are going to be outdoors in an API reading of over 200 PPM which is the equivalent of over 8 cigarettes a day. This is really bad for your health as well as being the central focus of the climate strike in KL. Let’s look after ourselves to give us the strength we need to fight for our mother earth. 

There will be an action team volunteering at the event to distribute masks that they have personally purchased to share with the public over the course of the event. These amazing group of friends will be handing out masks with chemical free pens for you to write your best protest yet. There will be a limited supply of this, so do bring your own and more if you have some to share the love. 

3. Music is the Answer.

What fun are we going to have without any music! To maximise our attention for the #climatestrike, please do bring your musical instruments along and jam with other Strikers. From 6pm till 7pm we will have an open jamming session for all ages on the stage of The Square. 

A drum squad is the perfect and easy way to bring life and music to the strike. Best part is, drums are everywhere: buckets, barrels, 5-gallon water bottles, pots and pans. You can hack anything you want to make a bit as long as it’s not public property. Again, get creative!

4. Stay hydrated. Drink lots of water. 

We all know what the weather is like, so stay hydrated from the day before, and throughout the day of the strike too. Prepping with a lot of hydration will help you keep your voice, and keep your energy up. Bring a bottle of water with you to the strike. We have a water refill station in our space that you can fill up with. 

5. Plan your journey to Publika. Carpool if you can!

If you’re driving, Publika has ample parking space for its visitors. If you’re getting picked up, plan your ride beforehand. Carpool or check out public transportation if possible. Find people to carpool with you by posting up a public message onto the Facebook event page (link here).

6. The Essentials

  • Mobile phones

Charge your cell phone, and be prepared for it not to work anyhow! Make sure the battery is fully charged (or as close as possible) before you head out the door. Bring a power bank if you have one. Always be prepared! 

  • Clothing

Wear comfy shoes and clothing. You will be outdoors, it will be hot. You will be standing, walking and sitting on the ground a lot. 

7. Respect the law and the management of the building. 

This is a peaceful strike. UEM Sunrise and Publika Shopping Gallery have kindly offered us their venue in support of the cause and we should reciprocate it with kindness. Lets not cause any damage to their property, and be mindful of our own actions and impact, it is a climate strike after all!

8. Bring a friend & make new friends. 

The best things in life are shared. Make sure to take the opportunity to rope in your friends for the action. Share information about the strike with them and talk to them about the importance of taking action on Friday. Get a group together and carpool or take public transport to the venue. 

The Strike is also a great place for you to network and make new connections with people of similar interests and mindset as yourself. You are sure to meet folk that you find super interesting that you may want to connect with in the future. Be friendly, we’re all here for the same cause. 

9. The Bicara & Talks

10. The Rally

At 5pm, we will be doing a walkabout from The Square, following the route below. We will be near traffic, so always put your safety first! Look out for the traffic, other pedestrians and your fellow strikers. Staying with the group at all times will help us all remain safe as well. 

The route: 
The Square, Publika (near The Social, Ben’s area) → West Gate entrance, Publika (near Plan B, Wondermilk area) → Circle Entrance, Publika (by Papparich area) → The Square, Publika

11. Follow-up with the organizers, or other protestors, for next steps.

A protest is a lily pad, not the pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow. There might be immediate action (e.g., a bailout fund if someone was arrested) needed, so check in.

12. Sign the Change.org petition

Let’s aim to get 100,000 signatures to present this petition to our ministers, if you haven’t signed it yet, please do so here 🙏🏽. Sidneswaran Paramaswaran has concisely summarized the facts and petitions we want to see happen.

Among the demands of this petition is for the Malaysian government conduct a thorough open investigation on the 4 companies that have been accused by the Indonesian Environment Forestry Minister Siti Nurbaya Bakar of deliberately carrying out open burning to clear land for palm oil plantations, and that the investigation be made public. The Indonesian and Malaysian government hold a moral obligation and responsibility to its people, its land and to the world.

We demand that there be no yearly haze problems in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore due to open forest burnings by plantation companies moving forward.

13. Share your experience! 

Make sure to use #ClimateStrike.

This will help increase the reach of the strike, and inspire others to get involved. A blog post, social media updates, or just telling your friends about it, are all great. You can also send in any photos or videos that you shoot on the day here to share with the globe that Malaysia is part of the movement too.

14. Get Ready for Saturday's Strike!

Let’s get together and have a productive discussion and brainstorm solutions to continue on Saturday for #MYClimateStrike

Pressure group Klima Action Malaysia (Kamy) has joined hands with the likes of Greenpeace Malaysia and Amnesty International Malaysia to build momentum for the Global Climate Strike.

The team behind KaMY have  been working hard to bring you a month-long Ops Darurat Iklim (Climate Emergency Operation) with workshops and documentary screenings throughout the city that will culminate in a rally on Saturday, the 21st of September 2019.

Over 300 people are expected to gather and march from Sogo KL to Dataran Merdeka in Kuala Lumpur, starting at 4.30pm. We will see you there!


If you still have got any questions in mind for the #ClimateStrike. Feel free to message us using the chatbot below.

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