Me.reka is an alternative education space that aims to teach the skills of the future, in order to build a talent pool that is resourceful, engaged and informed enough to take on the challenges of the future. How employees feel and how a company performs are undeniably linked. Harness the power of your people to improve performance.
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In this day and age, it is important to be aware of the constant global changes and its impact on the workforce, bringing about requirements for us to learn and upskill ourselves and our employees. At Me.reka, we offer disruptive and cutting edge training on technology, sustainability and innovation with the aim of maximizing employee potential through skills development.
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We provide the opportunity for people to learn different skills and knowledge to equip them for their future in order to survive the rapidly changing landscape of work. The challenges and opportunities we face nowadays are of a global nature and Me.reka’s programs will equip them for the future workforce so they can continue being valuable employees.
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Nurturing the talent that will lead our future.

Me.reka promises to transform strong talent with outdated skills into relevant powerhouses to establish a driving workforce and enhance business activities. In this day and age, it is important to be aware of the constant global changes and its impact on the workforce, bringing about requirements for us to learn and upskill ourselves and our employees.

We enable this by using our strong networks, vast resources and years of expertise to curate compelling training programs that integrate your company’s culture with valuable ideologies to foster an impactful employee ecosystem.


We offer different types of interactive and educational programs which will all be carried out on digital platforms, providing an online and virtual experience for everyone.

Re-skill and/or upskill your employees in order to thrive in an ever-changing environment. We empower future ways of thinking, designing, problem-solving and working. Our methods promote learning through hands-on application and immersive experiences.

Corporate Training

Live learning sessions by key experts from Me.reka and Biji-Biji Initiative’s extensive network to provide the opportunity to hear from experts in the field and gain first-hand insights from them.

Empowering Talks
and Experience Sharing

Experience Sharing

RM 80 per person

Minimum 20 pax

Duration: 1 hour

Reskilling For the 21st-Century

The demands and needs of the 21st-century are really quite different from the past. Therefore, it is crucial that your team is prepared to tackle challenges, demands and opportunities that will arise in the future which will require new skills to overcome. The talk will also focus on what skills are on the rise and need to be focused on in order to thrive through the 21st-century workplace such as critical thinking and constructive collaboration.

Learning Outcomes:

• How to prepare your team for the future workforce
• What skills are in trend and where the focus should be
• Job opportunities from hobbies or things you are good at

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The Makings of Effective Leaders and Managers 

Behind every great team, is a great leader. Using the scaffolding approach, we will demonstrate the necessary skills along with the guidance and knowledge needed to become effective managers in the 21st-century.

Learning Outcomes:

• Independent application of knowledge
• Macro management
• Language and mannerisms

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Capitalize on the Circular Economy

The circular economy is known to have cost-saving and job-making potential for businesses. Rather than viewing the circular economy as a tool for sustainability like most businesses do, this talk will show how it can likewise be a viable business opportunity that can be a source of economic value and competitive advantage.

Learning Outcomes:

• Building with waste in mind
• Marketing with one customer for life
• Support systems and lead generation

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Employee Engagement

RM 350 per person

Minimum 5 pax

Duration: 4 hours

Community Impactor | Give back with CSR projects and campaigns

Get your employees to collaborate on community-centric solutions. Build greater comradery and team morale while also helping out local communities. A program designed to foster collaboration and innovation among teammates towards achieving common goals. 

Learning Outcomes:

• How to prepare your team for the future workforce
• What skills are in trend and where the focus should be
• Job opportunities from hobbies or things you are good at

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Me.reka’s Virtual Team Building

With work from home in full effect, our work and social lives have blurred. We have lost the opportunity to intimately connect with our teammates. Me.reka’s virtual team building experience is proven to boost team morale and synergize your team towards a communal vision. Engage your employees in a fun workshop to show you care about their social wellbeing too.

Learning Outcomes:

• Explore a variety of areas on ways to create impact and change
• Analyse, plan, and ideate towards reaching your goals through activities
• Develop a case study/project proposal and presentation
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Empathising with your Customers

The first step in design thinking is to empathize with your audience using the collaborative visualization concept of empathy mapping. We will share a couple of great tools and techniques for you to try out to allow you to gain knowledge of your users and illustrate their attitudes and behaviours, leading to a better understanding of your end-users as a whole.

Learning Outcomes:

• Learn about your user through user persona and empathy map
• Explore and develop your own customer journey map
• Learn the power of Investigation through interview and observation

Team Building and Creative Workshops

Since everyone is on work from home mode, when do we get the time to socialize? Virtual team-building workshops is a great way to boost morale and synergize the team towards the company's goals. Collaboration is critical in achieving success. It is also a fun way to keep everyone in check and to know that your company cares about your social wellbeing and interpersonal needs.

Learning Outcomes:

• Learn about each employee strengths and weaknesses
• Develop an individual understanding to learn more about oneself
• Building rapport with each team members through group activities

Workforce Accelerators

RM 600 per person

Minimum 5 pax

Duration: 8 hours

Design Thinking: Ideate solutions for your users 

Design thinking is the best methodology to help you design products or services for your users. The approach sets the stage for empathy, giving your employees the direction needed to build human-centric solutions. The accelerator will guide you through several steps and frameworks to solve business challenges with future innovation.  

Learning Outcomes:

• Learn the 5 steps in design thinking and how to apply this in any scenario
• Formulate and list down ideas through group and individual activities
• Develop a deeper understanding of your customers/users
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Business Strategic Planning |
Evaluating your Business Model

It is important to stand out and to have a plan when you want to explore an idea. This program covers both aspects to ensure that you start off by having a unique selling proposition for the idea you want to pursue. After that, strategies will need to be formulated for you to act on. The BMC is the best framework to guide you towards understanding each other in the areas ranging from stakeholders mapping, finance budgets to planning key activities.

Learning Outcomes:

• Understand the key areas to focus on for your business strategy
• Develop a map on how to execute an activity with financial revenue and expenditures
• Find your unique selling point and understand your competitors

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