This class will equip young learners with practical tech skills for their future self, from operating Google Apps on the cloud, online research methodologies, digital photography and graphic design.

Most of us carry a smartphone with us everywhere these days, so it’s important to know how to use your smartphone camera to take great photos! I’ve only had a smartphone for a couple years, and I’ve loved having a decent camera to document things I’m doing or take quick photos to remember something I’ve seen that I want to recreate.

“In this lesson I’ll go over how to edit your photos for publishing. Theres no need to spend a ton of time doing it, but I always do a little tweaking on my phone or computer. There are quite a few quick and easy ways to edit your photos and make them look great! It’s always a good idea to edit your photos. Just a few simple tweaks can take your photos from meh to amazing!

With the amount of projects we get posted on the site every day, basic photo editing will help your projects stand out and get noticed. Before you start photographing a project, make sure you think about how you want to photograph it. If you take bad photos, it will be harder to rescue them during editing. While you can always tweak the brightness, contrast and saturation, you probably won’t be able to fix blurry photos, extremely dark photos or photos taken with a bright flash as easily.

Learn to use Photoshop Express, capable of creating very pretty and well edited photos. Dive deep into image concepts such as hue, contrast, exposure & brightness

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