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Grow your business with digital technology

The business landscape is undergoing a transformation. SMEs are embracing the digital economy and seeing its potential as the new driver of development.

Through digital collaboration and communication tools, digital technologies promote innovation, open up new market prospects, improve job productivity, and reduce operating costs.

Learn about digital best practices and initiatives that can be easily applied. Foster innovation and accelerate your digital adoption.

Benefit from a 2-week freelance talent project placement at your SME to help you expand your digital presence, tackle significant difficulties, and rekindle business operations to promote long-term growth.

Fully Sponsored Digital Transformation Training for Malaysian SMEs

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Our Approach

Identify Your Business’
Digital Gap
Determine where you are on the digital transformation path and understand how to implement digitisation into your business, as well as how other SMEs have leveraged digital technology in their business operations.
Examine Your Digital Presence and Its Potential for Growth
​​Learn what constitutes digital presence, what the low hanging fruits are, and how to begin creating your digital presence. Get inspired by case studies and success stories that demonstrate how a strategic and successful digital presence can enhance business.
Get Guidance to Kick-start Your SME's Digital Transformation
Be ready to tackle the challenges of the future workforce. Build a sustainable and thriving career that provides you with financial sustainability. Learn how to continuously learn and to remain relevant in the job market.

Program Design

1-Day SME Digital Transformation Training

Module 1: Digital Transformation
Identify where you are in your digital transformation journey, and how you can move your SME to be a 21st century organisation that taps into the potential of digital talents and digital technologies.
Christopher Tock
1.5 hours
Module 2: Building Your Digital Presence
Explore digital platforms and media to build community-centric business solutions. This module will help your SMEs harness technology to modernise your digital presence. You’ll learn about social media, digital marketing, community building and create strategies around the digital platforms to scale your business.
Nadzirah Hashim
2 hours
[Optional] 2-week Project Placement
Work with digital entrepreneurs, the graduates of our DE x Futuremakers programme, to bring your digital transformation journey alive. Choose a talent package that best matches your identified gaps or digital transformation goals.

Program Application

Program Eligibility Criteria


  • Legally registered business entity operating in Malaysia
  • ​​Has 1-2 workers that are willing to commit to attending the 1-Day SME Digital Transformation Training
  • Has the capacity to put training programme learnings into practice


  • Participate in a 1-day SME Digital Transformation Programme
  • If you opt to partake in the 2-week Project Placement, you must assign at least 1 employee to work alongside with the DE x Futuremakers talents throughout the duration.
  • Reporting of your digitalisation progress for 3-months post-programme

Application Timeline

Step 1:
SME Application

Fill up and submit the Program Application form on this page.

Step 2:
Attend Digital Transformation Programme

Attend both modules which make up Phase 1 of this programme.

Step 3:
Optional 2-weeks Project Placement

For SMEs that would like to participate in the Phase 2 project placement, complete and submit the SME application form that you received in the email

Step 4:
Phase 2 Project Placement in session

  1. SMEs will discuss tasks, job scope and branding guide (if required)  with the digital entrepreneur talents. 
  2. To follow up with the Digital  Business programme on the feedback of the participants via the mid-programme survey.

Step 5:
Complete Programme Feedback

SMEs who have participated in Phase 2 will be required to share feedback regarding the digital entrepreneur talents.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

What are the advantages of being a SME partner?

You will gain access to a growing pool of freelancers proficient in various industries and a wide range of fields from graphic and industrial designers, social media and digital marketers, finance and accountants, admin, project management, animation, videographer, architects and many more!

The graduates of our programme would have completed a 8-week course that has shown them how to be digitally equipped in the 21st century and would be qualified with the key skills and experiences needed to find success in the future of work.

Is it compulsory to attend this 1-Day SME Digital Transformation Training?

Yes. Attendance to the 2 modules for the 1-day SME Digital Transformation Training is compulsory. However, it is optional for SMEs to participate in the Phase 2 Project Placement. For those who do enter Phase 2, this placement can be conducted physically or virtually at the discretion of your SOPs. SMEs are expected to work with digital entrepreneur talents across 2-weeks and submit feedback on the experience at the end of Phase 2. It is strongly advised to allocate the staff who attended the 1-day Digital Transformation Training and will dedicate time and work with the digital entrepreneurs throughout the project placement as this placement is also aimed to help your business build or increase your digital presence.

Will I need to cover any costs borne for this project placement?

No. The programme will provide the allowance for scholars during the placement (RM 500 per pax for the 2 weeks). If you are keen to continue working with these talents after the initial 2-weeks project placement, you are welcome to discuss terms and rates and engage with them! Ultimately, we aim to create a wholesome situation for both parties, where the participants will get the opportunity for real-world application and for SMEs to increase their digital skills. If there can be regular or further freelance gigs secured between scholars and SME, all the better!

Can we choose who we want to hire during the Phase 2 Project Placement?

The Project Placement Phase will offer SMEs to select talent packages for targeted digitalisation initiatives. With the selected package, you will be matched with our diverse digital entrepreneurs who will assist your digitalisation plans to he best of their ability.

When can I apply?

Registration is open anytime! The sooner you apply, the sooner we can match you with the corresponding participants of the graduating cohorts.