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Are you ready for the future of work?

Businesses are increasingly looking for employees that are digitally adapt with the rise of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the prospect of a future ruled by artificial intelligence.

Do you wish for a job with flexibility, freedom and remote work?

The Mereka Digital Entrepreneur programme, built through years of industry experience offers the necessary skills to kickstart your career, befitting freelancers or fresh graduates.

Full Scholarships For Unemployed Malaysian Graduates

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Our Approach

Discover Your Talent
Discover and showcase your most in-demand abilities through skills profiling and personalised self-branding activities! You will learn how to build your personal profiles and portfolios that speak directly to your prospective clients.
Gain Real-World Experience
Learn how to handle customers and their expectations, go through a simulation challenge with industry partners, and experience a 2-week project placement at an SME. Practice approaching clients and selling your services too.
Secure Your Future Career
Be ready to tackle the challenges of the future workforce. Build a sustainable and thriving career that provides you with financial sustainability. Learn how to continuously learn and to remain relevant in the job market.

Course Modules

Phase 1

Skills Profiling

Identify and market your skills and passions to meet the needs of the employer and to thrive in the 21st-century economy. Leverage your skills and monopolise your talents within a network of available opportunities.

Personal Branding for Employability

Build your personal brand and invite prospective employers to see your worth and potential. Increase your visibility through a prominent digital presence, while also harnessing the people skills to communicate with your future clients.

Intro to Skilled Gig Work Platforms

Fiverr, Workana, and even social media have made it easier for people to showcase their services. Learn about the ecosystem and establish a profile based on industry best practices in order to access a broader spectrum of possible clients.

Securing Your First Client

A large part of being an entrepreneur is being resourceful and staying resilient in the face of adversity. Train yourself to see challenges as opportunities for growth so that you can build a sustainable and thriving career in the gig economy.

Managing Your First Client

Empathise deeply with the demands of the employer in order to develop and advertise your skills. From learning how to contact clients and pitching your ideas to cultivating a long-term connection that leads to consistent monthly income through effective project management, there's a lot to learn.

Productivity Tools for Efficiency

Digital tools help to facilitate learning as you develop within the digital economy. By equipping yourself with available technologies, you can strategically plan and organize your opportunities to efficiently scale the future of work.

Personal Finance

Know your value and safeguard your worth! We will teach you how to manage finances and budgets within the digital economy to ensure you equitably invest in yourself. This is the pathway to your financial independence through the digital economy.

Mock Assignment

Understand the real needs of your potential customers through application-based assignments that prepare you for the experiences of the workforce. Direct your learning and talents to tackle real-world problems, equipped with the skills to meet the needs of your future employers.

Intro to Digital Learning Platforms

The biggest advantage in the twenty-first century is knowing what you don't know. Equip yourself with the necessary platforms to keep firms from experiencing job shortages. Raise your market value and earn your worth by becoming a lifelong learner.

Personal Wellbeing

Gig workers have to be regularly on the go finding work to find their next gig. How do you balance between kickstarting a thriving gig career that can be demanding along with prioritising your wellbeing? As a gig worker, it is important to take care of your wellbeing so that you can have an elusive work-life balance.

Phase 2

2-Week Project Placement

Upon successful completion of the 5-week course, if selected for phase 2, you will be matched with a Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) that is seeking to grow their digital presence,  where you'll get the opportunity to put all you've learnt into practice.

Programme Design

An 8-week digital readiness course the focuses on transformative 21st-century content.
A 2-week project placement pairing with an SME to help you understand the demands of work.
1-year career mentorship that provides ongoing support as you begin your professional career.

Understand the demands of the digital workforce and develop technical and soft skills
that will help you succeed in 21st-century careers.


Each module has a 2-hour webinar session. You will be completing self-reflection based assignments after the webinar.

Office Hours

Group tutorial sessions after each module for you to ask any clarifying questions with the trainers.

Industry Led Mock Assignments

Work on mock assignment simulating real-world gig work, best fitting your interest, skills, and the industry you are intending to build a career in.

Peer Learning

Continuously engage and grow with your cohort peers via cohort-specific Slack channels.

2-week Paid Project Placement

Upon completing the 5-week Digital Entrepreneur Course successfully, you will be matched with an SME (Small and Medium Enterprise).

Career Guidance and Mentorship

Dedicated mentoring sessions from industry experts on a monthly basis, over 12 months post-programme.

Certificate & RM600 allowance Benefit

Certificate of graduation and RM600 allowance will be given upon successful completion of the programme.

Application Timeline

Phase 1:
Preliminary Scholarship Application

  1. Fill up and submit the Preliminary Scholarship Application form below.
  2. Check your email for the full application form.

Phase 2:
Scholarship Application

  1. Complete and submit the Scholarship Application Form that you received in your email.
  2. If you choose to complete the form at a later time, you will receive a reminder email.

Review Period: 1 week

Phase 3:
Virtual Interview:

  1. A virtual interview invitation will be sent to you if your application is shortlisted.
  2. Keep an eye on your email inbox!
  3. If you've been selected for the virtual interview, please respond to the email with your availability.

Phase 4:
Participant Agreement

  1. If you are selected for the DE X Futuremakers Programme, you will receive a congratulatory email, along with a participant agreement
  2. Sign the agreement letter promptly and return it by email.

Phase 5:

  1. Keep a lookout for an onboarding kit that contains all programme information and next actions.
  2. Diligently follow the directions provided.

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria


  • Open to Malaysians aged between 21 and 35 only
  • Your household income shall fall within B40 income classification
  • Good command of the English language
  • Must possess digitally adaptive skills and expertise


  • Full attendance to an 8-week programme consisting webinars and office hours
  • Timely completion of all assignments during the 8-week programme
  • Complete a 2-week project placement with a designated SME
  • Committed to actively reaching out to and securing potential clients for your
    freelance service
  • Monthly reporting over a period of 12 months on your attempts to obtain clients and the results of those efforts (i.e. jobs secured, income earned, etc.)

Scholarship Application

I’m ready to learn how to earn with my digital skills!

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

Is this an academic scholarship?

The DE x Futuremakers 8-week programme aims to prepare youths to self-learn and self-develop to be digitally equipped in the 21st century, allowing them to keep well informed and qualified with the key skills and experiences needed to find success in the future of work.

Scholarships offered are specifically for this programme and not any other academic institution.

How is this programme conducted?

The programme is conducted virtually and has been designed with engagement and interactivity in mind. Participants will commit to attend live webinars and office hours and work on assignments and quizzes every week.

What do I need to join the programme?

You will need working Internet connection and we recommend participants to have a good grasp of English as the programme is conducted in English. This is due to the majority of freelancing and gig work websites utilising English as their primary language. Aside from that, commitment to your future self for the endless possibilities this programme may unlock.

As a scholar, what are my commitments?

Apart from the participation in the 8-week programme, learning hours and assignments, you should engage actively in the post-programme mentorship for the next year by attending mentorship sessions and sharing progress reports for job and income. This is to ensure continuous support for participants and to encourage cultivating networks even after the completion of the programme.

Do I have to start freelancing right away?

It is an expected outcome as after going through our programme, you’ll most likely be equipped with the skills to get yourself out there in this gig economy! But not to worry, there will be the SME Partner attachment as well as mentorship to provide continuous support while you navigate the digital workforce.

When can I apply?

You can register to join the programme at any time! After registering and providing us with your contact details, you will then be sent an email with a link for you to complete your application. However, due to limited availability, we do encourage you to join the earliest cohort possible.  We have monthly cohorts and upon successful application, you will be able to choose the best start date for your schedule.

Are there any application fees?

There are no application fees associated with the programme. If you are eligible for a full scholarship and are chosen after our reviewal process, there will be no costs associated with your participation in the programme. However, if you were selected for the programme, and did not follow through without valid reasons, there will be a penalty of RM 100.