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Learn how to use the laser cutter to cut or etch wood, plastics, papers or textiles AND learn how to use the vinyl cutter to make stickers, signs, and more!
This class will cover the basics of using our Epilog laser safely, techniques for working with different materials, and software tools for preparing work for the cutters.
In this class, you’ll get started with a box-making web app, then learn the basics of custom cutting and pattern etching with 2D graphics .
You’ll also learn how to make CAD designs into 3D objects in Fusion 360– an awesome (and free) 3D modeling program.
Whether you’ve got access to a laser cutter or not, this class will teach you everything you need to know to make your own high-tech creations.
Register with us now and bring home your own laser cut box!
Only at RM99.90 per person
Normal price at RM120 per person

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