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Build A 3D Printer From Scratch with Cuberlab

The event is finished.


03 Apr 2020 - 05 Apr 2020


9:00 am - 5:00 pm


Me.reka, Publika Shopping Gallery

About the Event

Why, why, WHY?

Merely selling you a 3D printer without proper maintenance know-how, it ends badly for the machine. Additionally, knowing how to operate 3D printer is incredibly useful when embracing the upcoming, fast-paced industrial revolution 4.0! 

Through years of collective experience & expertise in the industry, Cuberlab strongly believes that assembling and building your own 3D printer from scratch will allow you to fully understand its operation, customize it following your needs, thus truly maximising its usage. 

By the end of it, the 3D printer is all yours to take home

What will I even LEARN?

So much. You will learn so much! The schedule below is only a snapshot of the entire workshop: 
Day 1 
Introduction to fundamental of 3D printing technologies

• Types of 3D printing machine
• History of 3D printing 
• Application of 3D printing in various sectors
• Workflow of 3D printing
• Component in 3D printing
• Sample of modelling/work-use by 3D printing

1. Assembling the 3D printer

• Introduction to the basic components
• Building the 3D printer 
• Setting up the 3D printer
• Troubleshoot 3D printer
• Testing 3D printer to an optimum level

2. Slicer software 

• Types of CAID/CAD/3D use in 3D printing
• Converting files to specific file
• Slicing through slicer software
• Fundamental of slicer software
• Printing 3D objects


1. 3D printing process
• Topology of 3D printing surface
• Sample of 3D printing product
• Final product cleanup

2. Finishing product/post processing
• Types of finishing
• Alternative to conventional types of finishing

WHO should attend the workshop?

If you are an inventor, an innovator, an educator, or a lab technician – We’ll see you here!
If you are a hobbyist, an architect, a draftsman, an engineer, or a creative manager, what are you waiting for?!
Are you a designer, technology strategist, or a medical professional? Your space is reserved, come straight down! 

Frankly, no matter your field of expertise, the technology of 3D printing can do so much for you, more so than you can imagine. Come to Me.reka and innovate with us! 


Invest in YOURSELF.

The 3-day workshop costs less than a unit of commercialized home-use 3D printer. That’s without the DIY knowledge you can walk away with!
Equip yourself with the skills and knowledge for the future.

* This workshop runs for 3 days back-to-back. Every day from 9AM – 5PM. 

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