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Inner World’s Children Art & Sculpture Exhibition & International Cultural Art Competition 2019

The event is finished.


19 Oct 2019


4:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Me.reka, Publika Shopping Gallery

About the Event

In the upcoming Inner World’s Children Art & Sculpture Exhibition & International Cultural Art Competition 2019, we have invited several dignitaries from Japan, namely, the Japan Embassy and JAGAM (Japan Graduates Association of Malaysia).

Indeed, it will be an opportunity to encourage children and youth aged 3 to 18 years to showcase the best of their stories through art, and to be connected with real people and real society, as art is not airy flighty but it is about keeping our balance in life. It should also instill in all of us the relevance of art in our daily lives, whether it is pursued as a hobby, a career or a therapeutic tool.

Main Objectives

- To unleash the creativity and talents of students in art and design which should pave their future career paths

- Expose individual to different professions like animator, artist, sculptor, illustrator, interior designer and so on

- Inculcate the appreciation of art and culture between Japan and Malaysia

- Support and encourage students including those with autistic or learning disorders to pursue their dreams

- Instill in students the importance of developing a positive mindset, a good character and a creative mind

- Showcase a diverse range of artwork and activities, painting, Japanese eco-friendly wrapping cloth and batik, comics and international cultural art competition, art installation and performance art

What To Expect?

There will be line ups of Art Exhibitions, Students Presentations, Live Performances as well as workshops such as Japanese Paintings, Japanese Name Designs, Art Therapy Drawing Consultations, Experience of Furoshiki – Japanese Eco-friendly Cloth Wrapping as well as some upcycling workshops. 

Sign up now to book your seats before it runs out! Some of the workshops are limited too.

What can you make?

The Art of Japanese Culture

Dive into the art of Japanese culture.

You can choose a few of the option below and sign up for the workshop to learn a skill or two of the Japanese Art for only RM30 per person!

Japanese Painting OR Origami Folding OR Design Japanese Name (Select 2) 

and you will get a FREE Art Therapy Drawing Consultation (Age 4 – 18, by appointment) 


Experience Only, Japanese Eco-friend Cloth Wrapping

Some Expressive Artwork

A Little Introduction


Established in 2016, MyCharacter Arts & Design is an organization set on a mission to provide the most conducive learning environment for affordable and quality education in the field of art & design. The Centre aspires to inculcate in children a passionate curiosity about the world around us, and the prevalence of art in everyday life. Its creatively crafted curriculum is designed to equip children with the skills of experimental, exploration and creative thinking through their pursuit of meaning and beauty in life.

We are all storytellers; the difference is the medium that we choose to narrate our stories. Each piece of art is a story behind a story, weaving in a narrative of joy and fear, tears and love. There are no two similar art pieces; each is an outpouring of one’s soul, and hence uniquely different.

Here, In MyCharacter, we collect and immortalize stories, and we create a safe, friendly and inclusive environment for everyone to craft and share their stories through art and design.

Click on the button below to find out more about them.

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