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Sarawak Meets Me.reka Again!

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18 Aug 2019


11:00 am - 6:00 pm


Me.reka, Publika Shopping Gallery

About the Event

Discover and experience Sarawak right at your doorstep! Our friends from HAUS is back again this August. And they brought in a new friend from Bad Cat Borneo! We are honored to get to feature them this time around during their stint in Kuala Lumpur. 

The Fundamentals of Brewing Tuak

There is nothing better than to have a chilling weekend with a drink in hand.
This coming weekend, the Master Craftsmen and Founder of Bad Cat Borneo, Maynard Keyne Langet, who specializes in Bidayuh-style homebrews will share his extensive tuak knowledge, as well as secrets to nailing your very own delicious brew.
Maynard will be sharing a hands-on demo on the basics brewing of fruit-based tuak and rest assured that the session with end with a sensory experience for the curious participants to get a taste of the artisanal drink.

All these with only RM100 per pax for a 2-hour experience with the Tuak Expert himself.
This special session is especially for anyone 18 years and above.

Beatmaking Workshop

What is beatmaking?

“Simply put, beatmaking is the process by which hip hop/rap music is made. But a deeper discussion of what beatmaking is is much more complex and quite interesting… In a simpler term, beatmaking is the Chief compositional process of hip hop/rap music.”

Shafiq Fauzi also known as SHFF (Shaff) is a Sarawakian music producer, currently based in KL. He produce various genres of music mainly Hip Hop/Rap and RnB. He often incorporates asian music instruments with modern elements and samples in his productions.

With only RM50 per pax, you will learn all the tips in making your very own beatmixes!

It’s open to ALL ages! For a better beatmaking experience, bring your own laptop with DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) installed

Pyrography Workshop

Based in Kuching, Sarawak and a graphic designer by training, Sonia Luhong Wan is a self-taught artist who has been pursuing pyrography since 2014, making her one of the few artists in Malaysia to actively practise the art form. Engulfed in a love affair with history, culture, and conservation, this passion clearly shows in her subjects. Sonia believes that art is not merely a tool of self-expression, but also a powerful medium for education and awareness that transcends race, culture, and language.

Think paintbrushes are too mainstream? Then burn to create! You will get to learn the essentials of pyrography, including tool-handling, burning techniques, and safety precautions. By the end of the workshop, you will have mastered the basics of pyrography; then it’s up to you to take this new skill wherever you want!

With only RM100 per pax, and limited to only 5 pax (for ages 12 and above)

You don’t want to miss this! Sign up now!

3D Doodler Pen Craft - Tribal LED Lamp

This weekend, Formventor will be here together exploring Sarawak with you! Come and create your very own Tribal Lamp with 3D Doodle pen and integrate it with an LED Light!

With only RM100 per pax, you get to bring this masterpiece home to enhance the ambiance of your favorite cozy corner

This fun workshop is suitable for kids 6 years and above. 

Parents are welcome to join in the fun as well!

Tie-Dye Workshop

The term, tie-dye has been around since the mid 60s. Regardless the timeline of it’s existence, this colourful piece never get out of time!

Give your old tops some new colours ! Join the Tie Dye Workshop and leave with a as good-as-new t-shirt thanks to this fun and creative technique.

Remember to bring your own t-shirt!

Kids as young as 6 year old are welcome to join this creative workshop!

For only RM25 per pax

Therapeutic String Art Workshop

Explore your inner creative voice while turning off the negative influences. You do not have to be an artist to enjoy this string art therapy. You just need the passion and I will show you the path. String art might look complicated, but it is fairly easy. 

We will explain the steps and guide you through the workshop. 

The finished piece is for you to keep and to have an unforgettable memory of your visit to Me.reka. 

Let’s craft it and bring your masterpiece home! 

This creative workshop are suitable for kids 10 years and above.

Just for RM50

Channel your inner creativity and come join us this 18th August. Save your spot and sign up today!

Have a productive Saturday with us! You wouldn’t want to miss out! 

Sarawak Meets Me.reka Again!
Me.reka, Publika Shopping Gallery,
Starting on
18 Aug 2019
Ending on
18 Aug 2019
HAUS Kuching is back again this August bringing in Bad Cat Borneo to share with you the fruit-based tuak making process! We also have SHFF walking you through the skill of beatmaking and of course not forgetting Sonia! Our Pyrography master! There will also be other creative workshops available for kids 6 years and above! 1 of them is by Formventor, making a Tribal Lamp with 3D Doodler pen incorporating LED lights. Don't get left out! Save your spot and sign up today!

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