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Youth Afterschool Program with Chumbaka

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19 Sep 2020


1:30 pm - 3:30 pm


Me.reka, Publika Shopping Gallery

About the Event

Technology As A Tool For Children’s Development

What does a 21st-century education look like? How can children develop positive life skills in this day and age?

Chumbaka believes that technology can cultivate a high degree of empathy and creativity. The core requirements required to fulfil the needs of people.

Conducting classes straight out of Me.reka, they have tailored programs for children from aged 5 to teenagers from aged 15!


Project-Based Children Program

Chumbaka’s approach?

1. Project-Based Lessons
Through working with raw materials to build projects, the learners will inevitably encounter mistakes and failures. Thus, developing a tenacity for challenges and failures.

2. Open-Source Technologies
The building blocks of Industry 4.0 are covered in Chumbaka’s programs, from coding and microprocessor to Internet of Things (IoT),

3. Positive Values
The projects are designed to guide the learners’ social and emotional skills. They will learn to reuse creatively, develop respect for people, and foster a sense of self-learning.

4. Design Thinking
The adoption of design thinking will teach the learners to problem-solve through a core value of empathy.




Develop children’s life skills by inspiring them to create with technology

Just like how sports instil discipline, we use technology as a platform to develop life skills.

When we use the navigation app on our phones, we stop asking for direction. We no longer learn how to interact with people. When we play computer games, we let the game developers do the thinking.

Using technology to a certain extent deprives our children opportunities to think deeply, interact with people, and become creative.

Our children need to learn to create with technology instead—develop games, design toys, build solutions. They will develop life skills—communication, creativity, critical thinking, collaboration—or human skills that machines are not capable of.

By creating, they also learn technology and hence able to utilize it to produce solutions in their future work, regardless of their choice of career.

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