In this blog post we are honoured to have a chat with Carlo Delantar, Co-Founder of Altum; A circular design studio and sustainable manufacturer of furniture and interior decor built on Circular Economy principle.

Carlo Delantar, Co-Founder of Altum
Credits to Altum Concepts

Described as a creative platform that innovates through collaboration, creation and design, Altum Concepts establishes as a beautiful storyteller – through furniture and has revolutionised modern Philippine furniture industry since then.

What is Altum in general? How did it came into conception?

Altum is a circular design studio and platform that focuses on home furnishing, lighting and lifestyle. It is through combining specializations and skill sets that it is able to create unique and innovative experiences. Our designs and products are revolved around those themes. 

2 years ago, Delantar met Tim Brown and together, they have launched a circular design guide . Circular economy(which is also a uniform term for sustainability) has been embedded in Delantar ever since. 

Credits to Altum Concepts

Based on the Annual Philippines Statistics Authority in 2016, the industry as a whole seems like it’s one of the fastest-growing industries in the Philippines. What is the motivation behind choosing construction waste?
Truth to be told, the construction industry is one of the major waste-producer industries in the world. Making up more than half of the construction waste generated annually are building materials including wood, shingles, asphalt, concrete and paint.

Construction is an important sector to develop infrastructure related to health, transport as well as education sector. It is an investment-led sector where government shows high interest and generates lucrative return of investment. More importantly, it is a habitat for all living things.

And so I figure: “Instead of dumping these excess construction waste, why don’t we make something out of it?” Through meticulous details and storytelling, we now offer furniture, home decor, home accessories and interior design.

Shangri-La at The Fort by Altum Concepts

What do you think of circular economy and is circular economy being accepted in Philippines?
The term circular economy has been the latest buzzword that everyone is trying to grasp. “There has been a general misconception of circular economy to “sustainability” said Delantar.

“Sustainability is a mindset that has to be incorporated consistently be it socially, economically or environmentally. Though sustainability and circular economy are often used interchangeably, the former is often related to products and services whereas circular economy is the combination of both products and services and is often reflected in circular products and business.” He continued.

Delantar has been seeking for consultants and advice specifically on circular economy projects. It is important to be always consistent with the definition of circular economy and its principles.

The concept of circular economy is still fairly new in Philippines and our aim is to educate and convince the construction industry to further promote and incorporate circular economy in the country.

What is Altum currently doing? What is next for Altum?
We offer interior design, consultation, industrial design and manufacturing design service. As developing circular economy materials require knowledge and expertise, therefore, we would always have to find ways to connect and collaborate with different stakeholders to stimulate a circular economy.

Credits to Altum Concepts

Right now, we would want to focus on a B2B model and plan on having a collaboration with medical healthcare line to develop more circular spaces.

In conjunction with Industrial Day, we are organising an event this Saturday with special guest, The Ministry of Design in Philippine. We will be giving talks and workshops about circular economy in Manila.

He reiterated how circular economy still remains unfamiliar in the Philippines. He also further emphasised the importance of spreading awareness on circular economy and how easily accessible circular economy-made products and services are.

In addition to that, Altum also hosts Circular Economy Club Mapping, where they could determine the space, send out the invitation and ultimately, educating them.

How is Altum contributing to the local Filipino circular economy and how will the people participate on circular economy with Altum?
We will be specialising in circular economy centered products. There has been a constant change of existing office spaces which prompts a rapid change in divulging those materials. With that in mind, we believe that we could find a way to use these circular products effectively.

Credits to Altum Concepts

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