A series of webinars that are designed hand in hand with practical workshops and activities to upskill your Gig Career.

October – November 2020


Learn how you can build a personal portfolio and brand (Linkedin Account) by utilizing digital tools and channels as a means for self promotion! Join us now to expand your network of employment opportunities.

17th October 2020

Marketing as Freelancers

Understand the difference of Marketing and Sales, and what is the importance of Marketing in Gig Economy. Learn how to use Brand Advocacy to generate more opportunities, and explore concept of market research, leads generation, customer journey design.

24th October 2020

Risks within the Gig Economy

Gain exposure on how the Government is supporting careers in the Gig Economy! Come and learn about risk mitigation and the rights you have to establish your own Gig career.

25th October 2020


Know how to plan a project with Goal, Timeline, Deliverables, Human Resource and Budgeting . Simple project management from A-Z: drafting proposal
and quotation to managing reporting and deliverables.

31st October 2020

Managing Self as a Freelancer

Learn about the art of having self-discipline: time management, routines and boundaries . Create a working environment and seek support system and mental health support for well being. Learn how to identify self learning resources and opportunity

7th November 2020

Managing Finance as a Freelancer

Understand basic financial management and financial processes (budgeting, accounting, auditing). Learn how to track your own income and expenses to ensure long term sustainability.

14th November 2020

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