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The ideal candidate should be able to perform the following: - Working with the management, develop and implement organizational and departmental branding, marketing, and communications strategy in line with departmental goals - Working with the business development and sales teams, develop and implement annual business development and sales campaigns for Me.reka Programs’ product offerings (accelerator, boot camp, courses, corporate training, makerspace consultancy, digital consultancy, etc) - Working with the project communications team, ensure all project communications implementations are in line with organizational and departmental branding, marketing, and communications strategy; and identify and implement strategic cross-marketing strategies - Set, monitor, and review budget, timeline, and resources for execution of various branding, marketing, and communications tasks; and identify opportunities to optimize budget, timeline, labor, and other resources  - Direct, monitor, and review execution of content creation (website, landing pages, social media, digital ads, blogs, reports, forms, media campaigns and press releases, translations, video scripts, newsletters, etc) - Direct, monitor, and review creative execution (web design, web development, graphics, illustrations, ads, photos, videos, program/campaign branding, collateral design, etc) - Direct, monitor, review, and approves works of in-house and external copywriters, bloggers, translators, scriptwriters, graphic designers, illustrators, collateral designers, web designers, web developers, photographers, videographers, and other media-production specialists integral to the completion of branding, marketing, and communications projects - Strategize and execute successful and cost-efficient search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), and digital marketing campaigns on search engines (Google) and social media (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, etc) - Research and understand Me.reka Programs key stakeholders, customer/beneficiary behaviors, target audience, client activity and expectations, competitor activity, and find innovative ways to reach and build solid partnerships - Define key performance indicators for each marketing and communications channel which will indicate various campaigns’ level of success, and prepare monthly analytical reports to be presented to the management team - Reviews and approves all brand-related marketing and communications materials prior to publishing - Build and maintains solid partnerships with influencers, media, and beyond to arrange story placement on a national and international level - Interviews and hires freelancers and interns to assist with branding, marketing, and communications based on available budgets - Manage, monitor, and constantly update website


- 4+ years of experience working in a marketing and communications role - Proven success designing and executing branding, marketing, and communications strategies and campaigns - Excellent leadership and management skills, organizational and project management skills, and ability to lead multiple campaigns to meet deadlines - Strong, versatile copywriting and proofreading skills in English and Malay is a must (Additional language abilities such as Mandarin and Tamil will be an asset) - Design eye and skills are needed (Ability to use traditional and SaaS design software are an asset) - Have an excellent understanding and knowledge of the tech aspects of marketing (web design, web development, content management system, database modeling, google analytics, digital marketing, SEO, etc) - Comfortable with public speaking and representing the brand at events, speaking engagements, and marketing activities - Able to follow internal project management systems, processes, and procedures - Able to work as part of a team and independently in a fast-paced environment  - Able to work in a fast-paced environment and meet deadlines - Organized, self-motivated, detailed, and proactive - Excellent analytical, operational, and negotiation skills.

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Job Level:
Assistant Manager
Employment Type:
1-year Contract