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The ideal candidate should be able to perform the following: - Conducting research and drafting Me.reka platform terms of service or terms of conditions or any related legal documents. Example of the platform that's similar to Me.reka Digital Platform is Airbnb and Upwork. - Conducting research on the legal database to establish the legal framework for the terms & conditions of Me.reka's platform. - Conducting research on mainly privacy laws, digital media laws, cyber-security laws, and personal data protection laws in Malaysia as well as in different jurisdictions. - Conducting research on the different governing laws in Malaysia aiming to protect businesses from future legal implications. - Assisting the team to curate the Me.reka.io page i.e the terms of service of the User Agreement, privacy policy etc.  - Learning to use the respective databases and how to do research work on the proper case laws and statutes. 


- Degree in Law or related Excellent understanding of the English language. - Writing skills: Must have a mastery of language: Great spelling, punctuation and grammar count, as well as the ability to write succinctly and boil complex ideas down into simple explanations. - Able to work independently and as part of a team, to meet deadlines. - Organized, sequential, planned and detailed. Overall, we're hoping that you are stout and undaunted at effectively dealing with ad-hoc challenges, composed in pressing situations, be flexible with last-minute changes, and still rock a positive attitude throughout your journey as a changemaker!

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Remote, Messrs Simrenjeet, Tay & Co
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CTDP Internship
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