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How does it feel to work on a team driven to make a big impact? Empowering. We believe your career should always be growing. And that’s exactly what it will do at Biji-biji & Me.reka. You'll hit the ground running with a company truly committed to your growth as you enjoy a special camaraderie on a team dedicated to protecting what really matters. Build your future at Me.reka!

Job Description

The ideal candidate should be able to perform the following:

- Managing accounting and admin team in research, filing, data entry, and recording and maintaining accurate and complete financial records
- Managing project reporting, project budgeting, and slides preparation.
- Assist with financial projections of projects, for funding applications
- Monitoring & reporting of project budgets to the stakeholders
- Research and application of Tax exemptions & other Financial Incentives available for the Green Tech / Sustainability industry
- Managing compliance matters such as EPF,Sosco, Company Income tax submission, SST.  

All roles at Me.reka are about making changes, innovation and making things real. You are to be part of our team to demonstrate passion and commitment to education, lifelong skills and iron out community challenges.

By joining our team, you will cultivate your people skills, a state-of-art tools skills, and thrive in a fast-paced working environment.


- Possesses a degree or background or interest in Finance, Economics, Actuarial Science, Taxation, Business Administration or other related fields
- Familiar and skilled in Google Workspace Excel Spreadsheets, Google Sheet, Google Docs, Google Slides, etc
- Basic accounting/bookkeeping knowledge
- Proficient in verbal and written communication skills (English and Malay)
- Possesses good computer literacy skills/Tech-Savvy
- Critical Thinking skills
- Enthusiastic and willing to explore

Bonus points if you:
- Are proficient with cloud software such as Quickbooks Online and Airtable database
- Have experience working with a Social Enterprise/ SME

If you are looking to learn and expand on your experience beyond the field of finance & accounting, this position will fulfil your quest for a dynamic and holistic learning experience.

We are an impact-driven social enterprise that aims to nurture and prepare the youths and communities for the common future. As we are evolving in a rapidly changing world, we are focusing our efforts on 3 main pillars:
- Preparing our youths and adults for the future of work
- Unlocking underutilized resources through SAAS and platform models
- Sustainability through the circular economy
The HQ team at Biji-biji & Me.reka is small but dynamic, energetic, and feedback-driven. The team holds special responsibility in managing cash flow and monetary resources in the organization and ensuring the organization’s in line with financial health, compliance, and sustainability. We are dedicated to providing you with valuable learning opportunities as you share your ideas and creativity with the team.

As a part of a growing team, you should be looking to utilize and grow beyond the accounting & finance to impact other key areas such as business development, contract management and project management. You should also be a team player with a knack for modern systems and always keeping up with the latest technologies. If you’re also familiar with the local start-up ecosystem, we are keen to hear from you!

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Remote, "Me.reka, Publika"
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