Know what you need, but you just don’t have the necessary tools? We have all the heavy-, medium- and light-duty machines and hardware at your disposal! Just book a time to use our equipment – at your leisure, or give any one of our consultants on the floor a shout if you need help operating our machines.

HTC Vive

Step out of this reality and into another with the VIVE virtual reality headset from HTC. Using SteamVR tracking, this tethered headset requires a PC

3D Printing

Professional level 3D Printing. The S220 provides top-notch printing output, fast, clean and precise. Thanks to the high quality build material that makes S220 the

PCB Milling

The Bantam Tools Desktop PCB Milling Machine delivers professional reliability and precision at an affordable price. Milling directly from your Gerber files, the Bantam Tools

Waterjet Cutting

The waterjet is an industrial tool which uses a combination of high-pressured water and garnet, an abrasive substance, to cut objects. Waterjet Cutting is used

Laser Engraving

Whether you want to etch detailed graphics, cut intricate patterns, or fabricate complex 3D objects, this tool will make your life much easier. The Legend

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