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The Maker Movement embraces innovation, creativity, and learning to improve our communities and create a better future. Tinkerers, educators, parents, and professionals are included, because we are all Makers. That includes you. What will you make?

Strive for Circular Economy: CEC

The Circular Economy Club (CEC) is a non-profit, global and open club. Anyone can join the club for free. The club exists to spur collaboration

Evoware: Seaweed-based Packaging

In this blog post, we are honoured to have Sizi the Marketing & Communication Manager of Evoware, to share her insights on the company. Their

Explore The Creative Unknown: Altum

In this blog post we are honoured to have a chat with Carlo Delantar, Co-Founder of Altum; A circular design studio and sustainable manufacturer of

This Is Not Science Fiction

Our future depends on how we use our resources; we can only progress if we keep learning. Read on to find out what Nicholas Sheum,