Me.reka Boot Camps

Facilitate the exploration of solutions
Nurture Your Talent

Build a talent pool that is resourceful, engaged and informed enough to take on the challenges of our future.

Design Thinking

Train your talent with a proven problem solving methodology, in tandem with hands-on-projects and immersive experiences.

Prototype Solutions

Encourage your talent to embark on agile strategies that involve rapid trials, failing fast, and failing forward to enhance the rate of success.

Nurture talent and innovators of the future that embodies
agile learning; collaboration; sustainability; solution seeking
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Phase One:

Design Thinking

Delve into a popular solution-based, human-centric approach to fabricate solutions to complex challenges by understanding and designing for the human psyche.

Step 1: Empathize

Essential to a human-centered design process, this involves understanding experiences to gain deeper personal insight of issues involved.

Step 2: Define

Observes design thinkers seeking a problem statement from a human-centered perspective to identify user needs and wants.

Step 3: Ideate

Teams essentially examine and cogitate with all the possibilities of stimulating creative thinking to form a design concept.

Step 4: Prototype

Designers enter the experimentation phase. Teams will start to fabricate solutions to be examined, improved, or accepted.

Step 5: Test

Teams will implement the solution through rigorous trials to rule out options or to reiterate the design process and derive alternatives.
Phase One:

Me.reka Labs

Democratized access to tools for prototyping solutions in the art of Woodworking, Metalworking, Textile, Virtual Reality, Design and Rapid Prototyping, and Electronics.

Fabrication Lab

Home to all forms of craft. The lab features tools like the laser engraver, mitre saw, welding machine, an Eisenkraft for handicraft, DIY furniture, and art installations.

Textile Lab

Explore unconventional materials for upcycling, harness tools like industrial sewing machines and fabric cutters for circular economy solutions.

Virtual Reality Lab

Combining art and science, the VR lab transcends traditional content creation and product developing, as well as making technological education accessible to all.

Design Lab

Pushing boundaries in the fields of digital design and fabrication technology by equipping creatives with design computers, laser cutters, and 3D printers.

Electronics Lab

Electronics are ubiquitous in our daily lives. Explore IOT, human-powered generators and alternative energy mechanisms such as solar power.
Phase One:

Value-based Education

Infusing theory and practice to create a conducive learning environment where knowledge is shared and explored in innovative approaches relevant to the industry.

Inclusive Learning

An inclusive platform making tools, technology and skills accessible to people from all walks of life, regardless of age, gender, background or ability.

Marketable Solutions

Projects at ME.REKA are industry-centric, making them sensitive to market needs and are pertinent to solving real-life challenges.

Agile Learning

Versatility to explore and integrate knowledge and skills from various labs to find expedite the development of solutions.


Using highly collaborative and immersive methods to ensure that solutions are developed with stakeholders and for stakeholders.


Sustainability-savvy projects for meaningful, socially conscious impacts. Solutions developed fully envelops social and environmental concerns.

Paving the way for the Changemaker Movement, physically and virtually

Develop programmes that excite changemakers and advocates alike to expedite solutions to everyday challenges. Together we can design a brighter future!

Start Changemaking Today

Choose from these readily-available programmes at your convenience.

Youth participants showcasing innovative social solutions

Design Thinking

Steer into daunting social challenges with the human-centred approach to your thinking process. Known as the penultimate stage in the Design Thinking process, designers delve into an iterative phase of deriving inexpensive mock-ups for potential solutions. This boot camp embraces the integral user experience and testing as the core achievements of the programme. The programme observes participants creating prototypes as a tangible product rather than abstract ideas to facilitate alternative solutions to their designs.

*Engages aspiring designers to prototype for innovation

Sustainability Thinkers

Innovation is everyone's business - a manager in a global corporation, an entrepreneur starting up, federal workers, or a teacher in an elementary school, everyone is expected to get lean – to do better with less. Design Thinking nurtures innovative thinkers and uncover creative opportunities that exist whilst asking questions and through observation from a users perspective. This boot camp contextualizes sustainability issues in relation to day-to-day life, business and organizational operations. Participants will develop, prototype, and test solutions for addressing social, environmental and economic issues.

*Engages workforces to incorporate a sustainable mindset

Design and Build for Impact

Ideal for corporate social responsibility initiatives, the programme empowers teams to collaboratively conceptualize and start building solutions - whether for their own or a sponsored community. This programme champions impact for change and community engagement while instilling the principles and practices of a circular economy, relishing the continual use of waste materials and resources. Engage your teams in projects destined for impact, from a playground to improve a lifestyle in education to sustainable bookshelves built from diesel drum!

*Engages creative youths looking to explore upcycling

Programme Comparisons

Boot Camps
Corporate Training
Upskilling corporate employees with important values of sustainability and ideologies to create a well-informed workforce and a healthy employee ecosystem.
Aspiring learners gain basic knowledge on relevant 21st century content through workshops and modules
Youth communities engage in  projects that spark their ability to ideate and perform in real world contexts, solving through an interactive learning experience
Youth communities engage in projects that spark their ability to ideate and perform in real world contexts, solving through an interactive learning experienceActualizing ideas and transforming early entrepreneurs and impact organisations into social powerhouses
4 - 6 months long
1 day - 1 week
1 - 12 months long
1 day - 1 week
21st Century Values
Virtual and
Virtual and
Virtual and
Virtual and
Real World Problem Solving
Industry Expertise
Progressive Seed Funding>5000 RM

+ Future Opportunities
Program Structure
Workshops, Assignments,
Pitching Sessions, Implementation, mentorship
Workshops, Assignments, Pitching Sessions
Workshops, Pitching Sessions
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