Me.reka Corporate Training

Harness the power of people
Agile Workflow

Nurtures a resilient and supple talent pipeline that are flexibly qualified to meet mission-critical demands for the vision and growth of the organization.

Design Thinking

Upskill employees to undertake emphatic approaches to customer-centric solutions of decision-making for tangible business success and social impact.

Inculcate Sustainability

Engages employees on talent development workshops revisiting the UN's Sustainable Development Goals to revise on upcycling and waste management.

Interactive and educational employee training programmes to ensure
productivity; creativity; constructive workplace; sustainable engagement
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Phase One:

Progressive Workforce

Venture into solution-building, impactful, comprehensive training sessions that upskill employees, build a supportive workplace, and care about sustainable development.

Flexible Trainings

Corporate training programmes may opt for 1-hour to 2-Day sessions of intensive bootcamp-styled learning, combining theory and practice with vigour .

Industry Experts

Individuals designated as subject matter professionals are sought out to provide their insight in talks and sharing sessions to provide the expert’s perspective.

Group Problem-Solving

Apply a teamwork approach to analytical decision processes by bringing staff together to fuel diverse solutions and alternative action plans.

Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholders receive the engagement to be riveted in projects, motivating them with willpower to take ownership to go above and beyond.

Real-World Implementation

Assignment outcomes that yield useful knowledge and skill designed by your workforce can be applied to their daily lives for life-long learning.

Surging Workforce Performance for Impactful Employee Ecosystem, physically and virtually

Curate compelling training programs with valuable ideologies to foster effective leaders and managers. Gear staff for the 21st-century!

Start Upskilling Today

Choose from these readily-available programmes at your convenience.

Design Thinking

The quality of thinking determines the quality of decisions. Cultivating a customer -centric mindset in employees generates unique insights, identifies problems worth solving and discovers ideas worth pursuing. This programme views the 5 phases of design thinking (Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test) as a methodology towards problem-solving, enabling a competitive edge. Each stage of design thinking will be accompanied by activity and reflection to build a solid foundation. The training will utilize digital tools as means of incorporating the methodology fluidly within your work environment.

*Engages businesses looking to spur more leadership forces

Sustainability Thinking

Sustainability requires behavioural shifts in every nook and cranny, from the smallest quasi-trivial employee actions to full-scale organizational strategies. A global mindset is ever more valued as the future of work continuously transforms and organizations are more exposed to rapidly changing global realities. Employees’ ability to empathize with key global issues while having a localized and more community-centric action plan is extremely vital in the context of the 21st-century. This training will encourage employees to look within to identify transformative opportunities for meaningful change.

*Engages businesses looking to inspire a greener workplace

Rapid Prototyping

Product development in the 21st century will require a sustainable mindset. Ingrain a creative and problem-solving mindset within employees to ensure increased productivity and promote innovation. Experiment with a variety of fields, namely Textile (fashion), Industrial and Graphic Design (3D printing, laser engraving), Fabrication (woodworking, wielding) and Electronics (machine learning, circuitry) to ideate and collaborate on a prototype. The training covers the spectrum of processes an individual would go through towards creation, from ideation and planning to sourcing sustainable materials.

*Engages businesses looking to discover unmet market needs

Programme Comparisons

Boot Camps
Corporate Training
Upskilling corporate employees with important values of sustainability and ideologies to create a well-informed workforce and a healthy employee ecosystem.
Aspiring learners gain basic knowledge on relevant 21st century content through workshops and modules
Youth communities engage in  projects that spark their ability to ideate and perform in real world contexts, solving through an interactive learning experience
Youth communities engage in projects that spark their ability to ideate and perform in real world contexts, solving through an interactive learning experienceActualizing ideas and transforming early entrepreneurs and impact organisations into social powerhouses
4 - 6 months long
1 day - 1 week
1 - 12 months long
1 day - 1 week
21st Century Values
Virtual and
Virtual and
Virtual and
Virtual and
Real World Problem Solving
Industry Expertise
Progressive Seed Funding>5000 RM

+ Future Opportunities
Program Structure
Workshops, Assignments,
Pitching Sessions, Implementation, mentorship
Workshops, Assignments, Pitching Sessions
Workshops, Pitching Sessions
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