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Embrace alternative education
Alternative Education

21st-century workshops empowering innovation, empathy, and gear participants for the future of work by traversing a host of STEAM-centric career skills

Bridge Digital Gap

Digital inclusion for our underserved communities by humanizing technology with simplified processes of communication tools and digital literacy.

Income Generating Activities

Complement entrepreneurial minds with digital tools and training to empower entrepreneurs to build businesses and transform communities.

Light the path for communities and educators to enkindle
career development; innovative mindsets; digital literacy; digital citizenship
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Phase One:

Project-Based Learning

Hands-on courses and workshops embodying Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics (STEAM) for protean learning and vocational skills.

Hands-On Learning

Engage in experiential learning with hands-on approaches in creative learning activities to familiarize students with models and materials.

Expert Trainers

Skilled and communicative subject matter experts ensure students stay on the cusp of learning activities and to provide ad-hoc guidance.

Capstone Project

The programme engages students to implement multi-faceted projects with socially conscious impacts to assess participant learning.

Career Day

Inclusive hands-on activities to personalized career mapping and in-depth advice that will help lead students to seek careers of the 21st Century.
Phase One:

21st-Century Skills

Stay engaged in the modern global economy with today’s survival skills that encompasses a student’s competence in learning, literacy and life skills.


Participants delve into visionary creativity and radical collaboration in cognitive, experiential classes, allowing them to think in a different light.

Critical Thinking

Participants learn constructive critical thinking to be able to rule out options in problem-solving contexts and come up with improving endeavours.


Get familiar working in pairs or with teams to circulate team decisions and reach collective compromises, to achieve desired results in time-dependent scenarios.


An essential soft skill for career readiness, effective communication facilitates clear information and clarity within a workplace for efficient projects.

Setting Alternative Education in motion, physically and virtually

Launch courses that engage students physically or remotely to teach sustainability and enhance careers. Let us make education accessible to everyone!

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Choose from these readily-available programmes at your convenience.

Digital Literacy

Commove a classroom of cognitive learners of the digital age, emphasizing Google Suite’s array of widely efficient applications like Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets and more. SaaS platforms like Canva unleash the creator within visual learners to finesse in digital communications through a variety of mediums, and Wix to spark creative design for web development. Participants also undergo lessons for content writing for social media, resume writing for online jobs & gig economy positions, and career development. Suitable for beginners, senior citizens, and youths who lack digital skills.

*Engages communities to ventilate media creativity & employability

The Explorer

You may not know what the future holds but The Explorer participants will be fully equipped to face it. Discover your potential today! The Explorer allows students to learn up to eight vocational-friendly STEAM careers in the likes of Art, Content Creation, Design, Digital Marketing, Energy, Ethical Fashion, Product Development and Technology. It aims to inspire young adults about the myriad of careers they can venture into, broadening their vision of future career paths. They will meet industry experts and learn about the latest technological developments through hands-on activities.

*Engages youth communities looking to expand their skillsets

Social Entrepreneurship

Initiate startups that leverage the principles of entrepreneurship to plan, develop and organize social businesses to achieve sustainable goals. This programme opens new possibilities to ideate and collaborate strategically with business model canvasses, enlighten participants to take empathic approaches with the human-centric process of design thinking, learn practical skills in marketing communications to ensure business sustainability, and familiarize the tools of impact measurement to keep track of creating a more positive, equitable society.

*Engages educators looking to embolden an age of social entrepreneurs

Programme Comparisons

Boot Camps
Corporate Training
Upskilling corporate employees with important values of sustainability and ideologies to create a well-informed workforce and a healthy employee ecosystem.
Aspiring learners gain basic knowledge on relevant 21st century content through workshops and modules
Youth communities engage in  projects that spark their ability to ideate and perform in real world contexts, solving through an interactive learning experience
Youth communities engage in projects that spark their ability to ideate and perform in real world contexts, solving through an interactive learning experienceActualizing ideas and transforming early entrepreneurs and impact organisations into social powerhouses
4 - 6 months long
1 day - 1 week
1 - 12 months long
1 day - 1 week
21st Century Values
Virtual and
Virtual and
Virtual and
Virtual and
Real World Problem Solving
Industry Expertise
Progressive Seed Funding>5000 RM

+ Future Opportunities
Program Structure
Workshops, Assignments,
Pitching Sessions, Implementation, mentorship
Workshops, Assignments, Pitching Sessions
Workshops, Pitching Sessions
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