Me.reka Makerspace Consultancy

Ignite the maker movement in communities
Makerspace Appeal

Ideal for STEAM-related education and breeding solutions, fashion a makerspace concept from your big picture and observe as it comes to life.

Resource Pool

House various state-of-the-art gear and serves as a core hub for makers, industry experts, and organizations to facilitate educational modules.

Real-World Experience

Reap the benefits of industry players and field experts in an extensive network of expertise to help you achieve your makerspace goals.

Cross educational boundaries with Makerspaces to exude
social innovation; rapid prototyping; communal collaboration; accessible learning
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Phase One:

Makerspace Value

Located in communities and places of academia, the makerspace is a vibrant space of learning for counterbalancing the creative stagnation of traditional learning experiences.

Simulated Learning

Bridging the gap between academia and the industry, makerspaces tap into rigorous project-based approaches to facilitate real-world application.

Technological Adoption

Modern and appropriate technology to cultivate a generation of techsperts for contributing to environmentally sound, energy-saving sustainable growth.

Empowering Workforce

Makerspaces facilitate hands-on learning for impactful engagement, emanating the significance of self-directed learning for exploring fields of interests.

Entrepreneurial Sites

Solving the dilemma of entrepreneurs, makerspaces yield the shared economic structure for an accessible and productive entrepreneurial ecosystem.
Phase One:

Makerspace Setup

A project timeline consisting of a makerspace conception, design finalization, procurement of tools and labs to germinate your desired makerspace.

Makerspace Ideation

Understanding your goal and creating a makerspace conception before finalizing and approving on a completed makerspace design.

Makerspace Designing

Renovating your desired makerspace from design approval and commencing installation of the Makerspace’s tools and machinery.

Makerspace Training

Induction training for makerspace managers and identifying target demographic users for the curation of labs to resonate with your institution.

Makerspace Operation

Running the makerspace on your behalf with workshops including hands-on experiences to training, team building, and creative discovery.

Setting the scene for Makers, Hub for Practitioners & Advocates

Fashion a makerspace to house educational programmes and herald a co-working space of the maker culture. Your dream makerspace is our responsibility!

Start Designing Today

Choose from these readily-available programmes at your convenience.

Makerspace Design Consultation

Discuss your dream concept of a space pulsating with creativity over a call with Me.reka. From the production of Makerspace layout to suggesting the most recommended tools, space design, fixtures and fittings, and software necessary to cultivate a creative hub teeming with capacity, we have you covered. It is a pleasure for us to aid you in solidifying your design conceptions and ideology all into one special Makerspace, with doors welcoming organizations and makers from all walks of life as a cross-disciplinary playground of productivity. We co-design with love.

Expert Rate Card: RM 1,000 - RM 1,500 / Per Day

Makerspace Construction & Setup

Are you a passionate member of the maker movement? Already have a groovy Makerspace design in mind? Allow us to build the Makerspace from the very foundations of your visions. Me.reka’s services include locating just the right suppliers for the best technology tools and equipment fitted for your Makerspace, recruiting a dedicated on-site project manager to cooperate with contractors, and overseeing the renovation of your future Makerspace come to life. Makerspace Construction & Setup also includes the repairment of lab equipment and maker tools.

Expert Rate Card: RM 1,000 - RM 1,500 / Per Day

Makerspace Management

Alternatively, Me.reka is able to set up your valuable Makerspace and run its daily operations on your behalf. Our team has designed, built, and maintained Makerspaces featuring Woodworking, Metalworking, Electronics, Design, Rapid Prototyping, Custom Design Fabrication, Textile, IOT and Virtual Reality labs. On top of a diverse assortment of educational labs, Makerspace Management also integrates the Me.reka values and pedagogy into the play. Designed to cater towards the 21st-century, our pedagogical method promotes hands-on learning and immersive experiences.

Expert Rate Card: Monthly & Yearly Engagements

Programme Comparisons

Boot Camps
Corporate Training
Upskilling corporate employees with important values of sustainability and ideologies to create a well-informed workforce and a healthy employee ecosystem.
Aspiring learners gain basic knowledge on relevant 21st century content through workshops and modules
Youth communities engage in  projects that spark their ability to ideate and perform in real world contexts, solving through an interactive learning experience
Youth communities engage in projects that spark their ability to ideate and perform in real world contexts, solving through an interactive learning experienceActualizing ideas and transforming early entrepreneurs and impact organisations into social powerhouses
4 - 6 months long
1 day - 1 week
1 - 12 months long
1 day - 1 week
21st Century Values
Virtual and
Virtual and
Virtual and
Virtual and
Real World Problem Solving
Industry Expertise
Progressive Seed Funding>5000 RM

+ Future Opportunities
Program Structure
Workshops, Assignments,
Pitching Sessions, Implementation, mentorship
Workshops, Assignments, Pitching Sessions
Workshops, Pitching Sessions
Me.reka Alumni