TEGAS Social Impact Accelerator 2021




RM 35K

Seed Grant

6 Months

A collaborative project from the minds behind TEGAS Digital Innovation Hub and Me.reka, the Social Impact Accelerator is a programme tailor made for Sarawakians looking to bring their entrepreneurial projects and dreams into a reality.

Through exposure to digital skills, tools, resources, and mentors, this programme is designed to support your startups and business ideas while also maintaining themes of sustainability, outreach, and social impact. 

Undergo a series of sessions designed to amplify your thinking and skills from  Masterclasses, and a 6 month mentorship headed by experts in civic engagement, sustainable initiatives, and design thinking.

Our Programme Themes

Community, rural, and youth development to improve the well-being and quality of life for disenfranchised communities.
Reducing waste management problems within urban and rural communities and promoting circular economy solutions
Bridging the gap for those without access to education with resources and tools they need in order to enact change, discover new solutions, and bring about innovation. 
Art, Media & Culture
Providing support and platforms for individuals in creative fields to help further Malaysia’s vibrant and diverse art scene. 
Promoting and encouraging tourism in the country through the preservation of cultural heritage, as well as upskilling of cultural practitioners in digital competency, finance, business and more.
Creating sustainable solutions for existing agricultural practices to ensure a healthier, cleaner environment and preserving Malaysia’s biodiversity. 
New Products & Services
Promoting innovation and through new products and services to deliver better, sustainable solutions to existing issues. 
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Programme Timeline

Phase 1: Masterclass 1 (25 & 26 September, 2021)
The first phase of the programme will be led by a 2-day masterclass that upskills all participants with several core business competencies that are instrumental in your development as a social impact proponent and business accelerator.  

Learn about the intricacies of the business model, and also strategize for your organization. 

Each session across the 2 days will be complete with assignments and quizzes to ensure participants are constantly learning and stewing on the programme’s subject matter and content.
  • Programme Orientation
  • Familiarity with Business Theories and Models
  • Strategisation
  • Digital Marketing Tools and Resources

Business Model Canvas

Outline the essential components of a business through the creation of a Business Model Canvas (BMC) and gain an understanding of how all these pieces work together to deliver value for your organization. 

SE Business Model & Theory of Change

Understand the core characteristics of a social enterprise and the different business models.  Use the Theory of Change as a management tool to conceptualize the ultimate vision of social impact that your business wishes to create. 

Supply Chain, Operations & Partnership

Find connections between the various players involved in your value delivery system, and ideate on the various ways in which they fit within the larger picture.

Create a firm awareness on the importance of partnerships with key figures such as suppliers, investors, and other businesses in order to build network connections, and mutually beneficial relationships. 

Digital Marketing

Understand how to increase awareness for your campaigns and brand image through strategized content creation and planning, with the added assistance of digital skills and tools such as lead generation, conversion, and much more. 
Phase 2: Masterclass 2 (16 & 17 October, 2021)
You will again be taken through another 2-day masterclass that instills you with the tools and skills needed to bring your product to market.

This phase will be extremely comprehensive in that you will learn everything from securing funding and partnerships to formalising a contract for your product and business. 

After successfully completing this phase’s key modules, you will be given the opportunity to pitch your idea. If all goes well, your team will be selected as one of the 5 given access to the RM35,000 grant*.
  • Startup Knowledge
  • Go-to-Market Strategization 
  • Client Procurement and Upkeep 
  • Financing

Sales & Client Management

Learn the key aspects identifying your client needs and establish how to generate sales leads conversion.

Financial Planning

Accompany participants on the ins and outs of financial planning and reporting to ensure accountability and liability for the organization’s capital and cash flow. 

Channels sharing on Fundraising and Grants application

Business Proposal and Contract

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the business pitching process through a step by step approach: conceptualization of the product, creating a business proposal, forming a pitch presentation, and formalizing it through a contract.  

Phase 3: 6 Month Mentorship (November 2021 - April 2022) 
The last phase of the programme will focus on sustaining your business growth while figuring out ways of developing it further, assessing the social impact of your product and business, and checking in with the programme’s mentors for guidance and navigating around possible issues. 

Here you will be given access to a network of industry experts, resources, and funding to push your business to the next level. We will also be helping you along the way through 1:1 mentorship sessions regarding your key deliverables.
  • Guided Mentorship 
  • Networking 
  • Funding and Resources 
  • Social Impact Assessment

Access to Funders

Connect with funders and other stakeholders to gain access to further resources.

Business Growth

Through networking opportunities and guidance, allow your business to grow and excel throughout this entire period. 

Social Impact

Identify and assess the extent of your social impact through regular check-ins with your mentors. 

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Programme Criteria

  • Be able to participate in the full delivery of the programme from beginning until end 
  • Must be the owner of a social enterprise and businesses registered under SSM (or other recognized registration body) with at least 51% Sarawakian shareholding OR one Sarawakian co-founder
  • Social enterprises and businesses focused on the key sectors identified in the Sarawak Digital Economy Strategy 2018-2022 will be prioritized
  • Business must be in operation for at least 6 months and not more than 5 years with proof of traction (revenue, user/customer acquisition)

Our Partners

Rashvin Pal Singh
Group CEO
Biji-biji Initiative and Me.reka
Jey Bala
Head of Programme
Mala Sukumar
Digital Marketer
William Koong
Taylor's Me.reka Makerspace
Juliana Adam
Biji-biji Initiative
Gurpreet Singh
Hazri Haili
Innovation Hub Manager
Taylor’s Me.reka Makerspace