The Explorer

This programme is designed to as the extension to our explorer programme. In a sessions of 8 – 16 hours, participants dive deeper into a career fields of their choice.  With industry experts/instructor they learn about latest technological solutions through engaging in hands-on project related to the respective field. 

At the end of the day, they will be bringing home the completed product of their project where they can further discover the endless possibilities of future career. 

Explorer Programme Overview

Content Creation

Product Development

Digital Marketing


Energy & Machine Learning




Target Audience

Secondary & Tertiary Education Students

(13 – 23 years old)

To decide on future career path.

Assist them to make an informed choice, based on passon and skills

Young Professionals

(24 – 35 years old)


To upskill and learn the relevance of future skills to bridge the gap of I.R 4.0

Impact Measurement

Some of the ways we plan to measure the impact of the Explorer Programme on the students would be through:

Before and after surveys. Measuring what the students were exposed to before, and what they learnt after.

The main points to be covered are:
Before the session:

  • What are you current ambitions, interests?
  • What careers do you think will be important in the future?

After the session:

  • Learning outcomes: Did you learn the specific classroom objectives?
  • Did you develop any new interest? Fnd any new fields interesting?
  • What fields would you like to study further?

Self Reflections: A 200-300 words self-reflection write-up on their learning journey.

Some of the ways we plan to measure the impact of the Explorer Programme on the students would be through:

Sharing further reading links through Google Classroom (or other online learning platforms)

  • Providing a platform to further connect with the career practitioners

The main purpose for classroom is to facilitate any further interactions with the students. Allowing them to access the materials from other classes. It also allows the career practitioners to access the student’s participation online.


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