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Summit 2022 Blogs

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6 Cool Transformational Tech Tackling Climate Change

The world is at the tipping point of a climate emergency, global heating and climate change cannot be reversed. But, it can be mitigated, and we have the technology to do so. People from all around the planet have been harnessing transformational tech to combat the adversity of climate change and help clean up our home.
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What if we did everything right? This is what the future could be in 2050

The year is 2050, we’ve successfully halved emissions every decade since 2020. Trees are flourishing, EV technology is thriving, climate organizations and youth leaders are pressing on to ensure we do the same for 2100. Read more to immerse yourself with a glimpse of 2050 if what 2050 could be if we’ve successfully mitigated the worst of climate change.