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Me.reka brings together industry, academic, and entrepreneurial communities. Here, teams re-imagine what it means to design and make, and create a shared vision of the future that enables people to do more and make better things.

Me.reka drives entrepreneurial collective impact  through value based innovation. Our mission is to to maximize the potential of society in solving social, environmental and economic challenges through 21st century education

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Our world is your playground! Families of all ages and sizes are welcome to spend your time at Me.reka in both kids-only and parent-friendly activities!


The one-stop solution for all your organisational needs. Make your stuff and bring your staff here!


Are you a maker, or are you looking to get something made? Get full access to our custom design and prototyping services at the Me.reka Innovation Lab.

Me.reka is an open-source education platform that advocates for learning outside the traditional classroom paired with unconventional fun! At Me.reka, anyone can come together to share ideas, pick up new skills, and make things.

Whether you’re an educator or a student for life, there’s something for everyone.

What's Happening at Me.reka?

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Do you have any plastic bottles lying around at home and feeling guilty of throwing them away? Allow us to solve your problem! Bring 5 PET bottles to our OSCE Mini Festival and let us recycle them for you. In exchange, you will be able to see how recyclers shred plastics before turning them into new plastic pellets as well as to reward you with a FREE OR DISCOUNTED* workshop from Me.reka as a thank you for being environmentally-conscious. 🌲 #plasticrecycling #recycling #sustainable #environment #green



Get rewarded just by recycling! That’s right, in @icyclemalaysia you will be rewarded just by recycling. You’ll be advised to download their apps and that’s it! You can also drop your recyclables that will be available in Mereka Makerspace. Other than the membership drive, few eco-products will be on displayed to promote reducing and reusing concepts. Event details: Date: 20 - 21 July 2019 Time: 11am - 6pm Venue: Me.reka Makerspace, Lot 1A-3, Level G1, Publika Shopping Gallery, Solaris Dutamas, Jalan Dutamas 1, Kuala Lumpur 50480



Founded in the United States, @hi skswaremsia’s vision is to be the leading provider of high quality eco-friendly products, that are made of rice husks. We are honoured to Husk’s Green at our event this weekend to share their journey with us. They carry eco-friendly kitchen ware products. So if you are looking for that, come over to Mereka Makerspace this weekend to check them out! #OpenSource #CircularEconomy #OSCE2019 #Husk’sGreen #eco-friendly #kictchenware #ricehusks #lifestyle



All products and services are designed for a one way transaction, the take-make-waste system is a result of this design approach. What if you can redesign our linear economic system? Learn about circular economy principles and use design thinking methodology to create solutions that can help us transition into a circular economy. Join Nicholas from @bijibiji.initiative this Sunday, 21st July from 12pm - 2pm to find out more! Click the link in bio to sign up! #OpenSource #CircularEconomy #OSCE2019 #MerekaMakerspace #CircularDesignStrategies #Biji-Biji #CircularDesigns #sustainability



If you are looking for a zero waste groceries store then @a_bit_less is the one! Come And get your packageless staple food, vegetables and lifestyle products this weekend! They will be selling all kind of zero waste products such as: Mooncup( Menstrual Cup), Reusable cloth pad, Bamboo toothbrush, Natural Silk floss etc. Check them out this weekend at Mereka Makerspace from 11am - 6pm! #OpenSource #CircularEconomy #OSCE2019 #ABitLesssBulkStore #zerowaste #environmentalfriendly #sustainability Facebook : A BIT LESS BULK STORE Instagram: @a_bit_less



From waste to jewellery? 😲 What? How? @thepreciousplastic_my machine recycles plastic waste into variety of Items in just 30 minutes! In this session, you will make aesthetic plastic accessories and in this workshop, you will have the chance to make your own sea turtle necklace! All merchandise are made of 100% recycled used plastic, produced from the Precious Plastic machines. Join @seamonkeyproject this Saturday (20th July) from 4pm - 6pm! #OpenSource #CircularEconomy #OSCE2019 #MerekaMakerspace #PreciousPlasticProject #Handmade #Recycling #Upcycling #handmade



@maeko.asia is about going green and making changes into composting and most of all food waste management. MAEKO has a machine that can compost waste from within 24 hours to 2 months and has effectively tackled waste issue in Malaysia. Have a look at their machine this Sunday, 21st July from 4pm - 6pm at Me.reka Makerspace! #OpenSource #CircularEconomy #OSCE2019 #MerekaMakerspace #composting #MAEKO #wastemanagement



Using old cloth material you’d otherwise throw away, this workshop by @merekamakerspace teaches you how to make your own fashionable pouch. You can choose to make a small, medium or a big pouch from used materials. Come join us this Sunday, 21st July from 4pm-6pm! #OpenSource #CircularEconomy #OSCE2019 #MerekaMakerspace #Upcycled #Vintage #handmade



Wanna know what’s brewing? *drum rolls* It’s BIOPLASTIC! You could actually make one here on your own! This workshop teaches participants about plastics, its relationship to other alternatives and how to make bioplastics from food ingredients. You will receive a bioplastic bag at the end of the workshop. Catch Nicholas from @bijibiji.initiative this Sunday, 21st July from 4pm-6pm to make your very own bioplastic! Click the link in bio! #OpenSource #CircularEconomy #OSCE2019 #MerekaMakerspace #BioPlastics #Biji-Biji #sustainability



Fruit peels? Egg shells? Rice water? These are the ordinary kitchen waste that we easily throw away. Did you know that you could make full use of it? Well Susan Soh from @kebunkakibukit will tell you how! In this session you will learn: 1) How to use effective mircobes for pet odor control and kitchen waste compost 2) how to repurpose eggshells as flowering agent fertilizer for plants 3) how to repurpose citrus peels as an enzyme cleaner 4) repurposing rice water as togishiru Come join Susan Soh this Sunday, 21st July from 3pm - 4pm to learn more! Click the link in bio to sign up! #OpenSource #CircularEconomy #OSCE2019 #MerekaMakerspace #KebunKakiBukit #Kitchenwaste #sustainability #Wastemanagement #zerowaste

If you can think it, you can make it.
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There's something for everyone!