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Me.reka brings together industry, academic, and entrepreneurial communities. Here, teams re-imagine what it means to design and make, and create a shared vision of the future that enables people to do more and make better things.

Me.reka drives entrepreneurial collective impact  through value based innovation. Our mission is to to maximize the potential of society in solving social, environmental and economic challenges through 21st century education

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Our world is your playground! Families of all ages and sizes are welcome to spend your time at Me.reka in both kids-only and parent-friendly activities!


The one-stop solution for all your organisational needs. Bring your staff and make your stuff here!


Are you a maker, or are you looking to get something made? Get full access to our custom design and prototyping services at the Me.reka Innovation Lab.

Me.reka is an open-source education platform that advocates for learning outside the traditional classroom paired with unconventional fun! At Me.reka, anyone can come together to share ideas, pick up new skills, and make things.

Whether you’re an educator or a student for life, there’s something for everyone.

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MEREKA REACHED 10,000 likes! We are truly grateful for this milestone! Thank you to each and everyone who has liked our page or has recommended it to their friends and family! Your endless support is appreciated much beyond these words! Me.reka is a beautiful community filled with like minded people! Whether it’s 10k, 50k, or a 1 million. Our values will never change! Thank you for helping us in achieving our mission of equipping the people in our community, country and world with the relevant knowledge, skills and resources to thrive in the 21st century! Thank you! ❤



Being there for your new born child is not only an important role as a father, it is also an important moment in life to cherish! ❤ Me.reka and Biji-biji stands with the Women's Aid Organisation in championing the rights of fathers to get a minimum of 7 days paternity leave. Currently, working fathers in Malaysia are not legally entitled to any paternity leave. We at the Biji-biji Initiative and Me.reka have been supporting our fathers with a 14 day paternity leave since 2018, and we also go further to allow our newborn parents flexible working hours, and options to work from home, for as long as they require. The Ministry of Human Resources has proposed amending the Employment Act to introduce 3 days of paid paternity leave. However, we know this isn't enough, as fathers play a hugely important role in early child development, supporting the new mother in their journey, and just allowing her to have some rest 🙂 Thus, we urge the Ministry of Human Resources to introduce at least 7 days of paternity leave in the private sector. This is what fathers in the public sector currently enjoy. Please sign and share the petition calling for 7 days of paternity leave! https://www.change.org/p/ministry-of-human-resources-malaysia-introduce-7-days-of-paternity-leave-in-malaysia?recruiter=971477282&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&utm_campaign=share_petition&utm_term=share_petition&fbclid=IwAR1sHizRjNJFoPTnqFaCMeF-R7gpGze2broqeCwelnBHqRY11pZEssuIl5o



Me.reka brings Deepavali to Publika! If you walk by the Circle Entrance at Publika, you might notice a little flash of colour! Me.reka had the opportunity of creating a Kolam for Publika to display during the Festival of Lights! Kolam is a form of artistic expression, drawn using coloured rice and flour. Its typically laid in front of homes to invite prosperity and wealth. Our interns worked tirelessly and created an extravagant and beautiful design! Have a look at the final piece and do share it on your social medias by tagging us! Take a look below at the process that we went through to create this design! Me.reka wishes all of you a joyous Deepavalli and we hope this Kolam helps bring prosperity within your life!



3 cities, 1 mission! Inspire the youth! Yesterday, we kicked off the Malaysian Indian Youth Accelerator (MIYA) program in Kuala Lumpur, Georgetown and Ipoh! MIYA strives towards enabling the marginalised and disadvantaged Indian communities by providing a relevant entrepreneurial spirited workshop! It was a great first day meeting all these talented and motivated individuals. We talked about the Sustainable Development Goals and how we can find local solutions to such issues. We also talked about the most important 21st century skill, building trust! Who's going to do business with someone they don't trust? Exactly! Building trust starts from the very first impression and largely relies on how you carry yourself. Being presentable and trustable is an important step in having people invest in you! Day two is already underway and will be more towards solving specified problems and writing grant proposals The second phase of the program includes a proposal submission. Keep yourself updated here to see how far these participants go and look out in the near future for some great new Social Enterprises! https://mereka.my/malaysian-indian-youth-accelerator-program/



Me.reka is very fortunate for the opportunity to host a Virtual Reality workshop for the lectures of Kolej Komuniti Selayang. The game development and interior design lectures got to experience virtual reality first hand! We showed them how they could implement such technology into their own classroom and how it could enable them to teach students from all around the world! The workshop also equipped them with 21st century skills to help them better understand what the jobs of the future require! Our aim at Me.reka is to make the learning experience more adaptable and relevant for all Malaysian students and this was a wonderful step towards accomplishing just that!



Meet Winnie! She’s our industrial designer here at @mereka.my. Winnie works closely with the design team and handles the laser engraving and 3D printing facilities! She taught a class today to the lecturers of Kolej Komuniti Selayang. They continued their discussion on adapting Virtual Reality into their classroom! Winnie walked them through the process on making inexpensive cardboard VR sets to help bring the technology to the masses! Be on the lookout for more stories on beautiful people impacting our communities! DO. MAKE. LEARN.



Last weekend in review! The Malaysian Indian Youth Accelerator’s (MIYA) two day bootcamp was a great success. It was wonderful meeting all the young aspiring entrepreneurs from all around the country. We truly appreciate your motivation! In the two days we covered a wide range of topics relating to social entrepreneurship and key 21st century skills needed to succeed in such ventures. We would also like to extend our gratitude towards all the speakers who took their time out of their busy schedules to give us great insights on their entrepreneurial journeys! If you missed the bootcamp, don't worry! You can still kick start your social business through our Business Assistance program. We will provide you with resources, networks and mentorship to help bring your ideas to life. Apply now till the 3rd of November, and stand a chance to be selected for the final pitch in Kuala Lumpur, Penang or Ipoh! https://mereka.my/malaysian-indian-youth-accelerator-program/mitra-business-assistance/



Our House is Open! Come join Me.reka on the 8th of November in a night of cultural celebrations and creepin’ it real. Celebrating both the Day of the Dead and Deepavali with a hint of leftover Halloween flair. There will be food and activities from both Mexican and Indian cultures. Take a mini trip around the world, see all the colours and experience all the beauty that both have to offer. Expect a magical night of dancing like a Bollywood star while also getting the chance to pay tribute to loved ones and appreciating cute Calaveras! There wont be any payment required! Just bring any dish you want and join the potluck! Make sure to bring empty stomachs too! It will be an amazing culmination of cultures, foods and activities. Theres no need to convince you any more, this is a no-brainer! https://www.mereka.my/events/a-night-of-kolams-and-calaveras/



It’s time to put the petal to the medal! On the 9th of November, The Catalyst Project brings Catalyst: The Tribal Synthesis ii to Me.reka! It’ll be a Flower Power themed art, music and dance party! Your vibe attracts your tribe! The night will bring the beautiful people of KL together to celebrate good music, art and creativity. We all come from different walks of life. But for one night, we have one common goal, to curate a night that culminates a myriad of experiences of every member within our tribe. Bringing you a catalytic event that resonates deep within your soul and all through your bones. So wear the mo vibrant outfit/costume in your wardrobe and lets rave through our artistic expressions. There’s a lot happening, check out the event page to catch up on all the activities! https://www.facebook.com/events/698009764011416/



This Deepavali, we bring the light of change! Happy Deepavali to all those celebrating! We hope this festive season brings all the love, excitement and prosperity in your life! Indulge on some delicious food, spend quality time with family and bring colour to your life! Did you know that Deepavali is celebrated through different stories by different religions and traditions. The prime reason why the festival is marked by flamboyant decorations and flashy displays of colours and lights is because it is believed that Deepavali is the day on which Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of prosperity, roams the earth and blesses people with wealth and happiness! It is also celebrated in South India as the day which good triumphed over evil, with Lord Krishna killing the demon Narakasura and bringing peace to the lands. Take this time to learn something new. Spark that inner creativity within you and brighten the world! Happy Deepavali!

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