Shaping a Sustainable Future: Yayasan Hasanah’s Collaborative Journey with Mereka



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Shaping a Sustainable Future: Yayasan Hasanah’s Collaborative Journey with Mereka

Nasalia Latiff
December 13, 2023

Nasalia Latiff

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February 20, 2024

The Environmental Accelerator Programme: Yayasan Hasanah's Visionary Initiative

Yayasan Hasanah stands at the forefront of environmental innovation with its Environmental Accelerator Programme, a beacon of hope and progress in Perak. Recognizing the urgent need for sustainable solutions and community empowerment, Yayasan Hasanah envisioned a programme that would not only address critical environmental issues but also foster growth and resilience in local organizations.

Empowering Change-Makers in Perak

Mereka's Role: Bringing the Vision to Life

In alignment with Yayasan Hasanah’s ambitious goals, Mereka stepped in to transform this vision into a tangible reality. Our approach was multi-faceted:

The synergy between Yayasan Hasanah’s visionary leadership and Mereka’s educational expertise has set the stage for a transformative learning experience. This partnership is more than just a programme; it's a movement towards a more sustainable and prosperous future in Perak.

Rising to the Challenge: Crafting Customized Learning for Yayasan Hasanah

At Mereka, our latest endeavor involved developing a series of specialized courses for Yayasan Hasanah’s Environmental Accelerator Programme. Our mission was to create an enriching learning experience tailored to the diverse needs of environmental organizations in Perak, focusing on critical areas such as Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), Environment Social Governance (ESG), and Social Return on Investment (SROI).

What Participants Will Learn:

Overcoming Challenges with Excellence in Instructional Design

At Mereka, our journey of crafting the Environmental Accelerator Programme’s tailored courses was marked by a series of formidable challenges and inspiring triumphs.

Confronting the Challenges

The Instructional Design (ID) team at Mereka was tasked to develop comprehensive, impactful modules under a stringent timeline, while also integrating industry feedback to ensure the courses were not only informative but truly resonated with our audience. This dual challenge of time constraints and the need for industry-relevant content put our team’s skills and resilience to the test.

Triumph through Tenacity and Expertise

In response, our ID team embarked on a mission of dedication and excellence. Their unwavering commitment meant navigating long hours and complex subject matters to create a curriculum that was both engaging and educational. Their efforts were not just about meeting deadlines; they were about crafting an educational experience that would leave a lasting impact on learners.

After the launch of the programme, we actively sought feedback from Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and stakeholders. This crucial step was not the end but the beginning of another journey – a significant course revamp scheduled for December 2023, ensuring that our offerings remain at the cutting edge of educational needs and industry standards.

Celebrating the Impact

The results of these efforts were nothing short of remarkable:

Mereka’s Commitment: Excellence in Every Endeavor

At Mereka, these achievements are more than numbers; they represent our unwavering commitment to educational excellence and our dedication to empowering learners. We don't just create courses; we create pathways to knowledge, skill, and transformative experiences. 

Want to find out more about the tailored courses? Here you go!

Your Partner in Educational Innovation

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