5 creative locally-owned places in Malaysia you must visit

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5 creative locally-owned places in Malaysia you must visit

Gurpreet Singh
March 17, 2023

Gurpreet Singh

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September 18, 2023

Throughout Malaysia, there is a growing arena of "creative spaces" where budding artists can gather to explore, learn and exchange ideas with like-minded individuals.

What do we mean by "creative spaces"? To us, it's a physical space where people come together, work, inspire each other, learn new things, and socialize. These creative spaces provide talented people the opportunity to let loose and let their creative juices flow.

From artist-run studios, quirky art cafes, well-known establishments to those hidden from the public eye, in this blog we'll look at 5 unique and fascinating creative art spaces in Malaysia. If you're looking for places to share stories, learn skills, get inspired, and discover other artists or practitioners, read on!

The need for creative spaces is related to a deep need for openness, acceptance, learning and belonging to a community. Theoretically, we are known as 'social animals', and creativity is a byproduct of our social needs.

So go ahead and drop by! We highly recommend these 5 places:

1. Stickerrific

A stationery lover’s Disneyland.

Located in Jaya One, a business and retail hub in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, Stickerrific is more than just a stationery store. It's a place where you can find everything you need to make your artsy dreams come true. They sell aspirations and the dream that you can achieve great things if you have your heart in the right place.

If you have ever felt like your creativity is getting stifled as you get older, get back to stationery and journaling to slowly remind yourself why you like it in the first place. Stickerrific takes pride in bringing strangers together and making the world a happier place by using doodles and drawings as a way of life. The staff is trained to make your experience as enjoyable as possible so you can create something beautiful!

You do not need any prior knowledge of art or craft to participate in the classes - they'll walk you through everything step-by-step, so it's easy for everyone to join in! Stickerrific's goal is for each class participant to go home with a finished product that they can proudly show off at home or at work.

They run a wide variety of classes available including Papercraft, Mixed Media & Collage, Drawing & Painting, Decoupage and more!

2. Penang Art District

A Vision for Artistic Exchange

The Penang Art District (PAD) is an art center that brings together the best of Penang's art and cultural scene. The PAD is a joint project of the state government, Penang Tourism Board and various industry stakeholders including artists, galleries, museums and private collectors.

It has become a recognizable icon in Penang and a destination for locals and visitors to discover the arts amid Penang's rich cultural and historical backdrop. The Penang State Government has a vision for the Penang Art District to be the center for contemporary art and culture to promote the economic growth of the creative industry in Penang.

The PAD offers a variety of exhibitions suitable for even the most civic-minded palette, from photography to painting and sculpture to other mediums such as collage, installation art, performance art and more. PAD is intended as an open-air gallery where art lovers can admire the works of local and international artists, and also hosts art schools that offer courses in visual arts, music and dance.

PAD also serves as an incubation center for emerging artists seeking support and opportunities to expand their creative careers, providing a network that brings together the scattered art scene in Penang, connecting existing art spaces to a wider audience.

Penang Art District invites everyone to participate with their own works or just drop by and enjoy the events!

3. FabCafe KL

An innovation lab specializing in creating experiences of the future

FabCafe is a global coffee chain and co-working space equipped with various embroidery and 3D printing machines. Founded in Tokyo in 2012, FabCafe's global network now serves and fosters creative communities in 11 locations around the world, including Bangkok, Barcelona, Hong Kong and many more.

Their branch in Malaysia is located in Ara Damansara. Here, maker enthusiasts, businesses, and everyday people can access digital fabrication tools and experiences in areas like fashion, biotech, maths, art, and even candy!

FabCafe KL is a place where makers create, meet and share knowledge and ideas over coffee. In this fantastic maker cafe you can use a variety of tools for "digital fabrication".

The café also serves delicious coffee, tea and soft drinks, as well as tasty snacks like cakes and cookies. You'll get to enjoy all of this (plus free wifi!) while you turn your grand ideas into reality.

So come in and make yourself comfortable in this creative coworking community where you can meet and connect with others.

4. Nurtureknots Studio

If you rather knot!

Nurtureknots Studio was founded by Charmaine Kamal, a self-taught and passionate artist based in Kajang, Malaysia. Charmaine's studio came together from a realization that weaving/knotting is a universal language spoken across oceans, centuries, genders and professions.

Charmaine's a pro and her macramé artwork is elegant, with eye-catching patterns and the occasional bohemian touch; the perfect  fashion statement for any interior or exterior design.

Nurtureknots is a platform for people who want to learn how to make macramé. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you are sure to have fun at their workshops. Nurtureknots curates creative workshops that are filled with creative energy and are designed to bring students together through various mediums.

Each workshop participant leaves with all the materials they need to further explore the craft, as well as a deep understanding of the techniques and connections to other artists around them!

Let Nurtureknots inspire you to go beyond the ordinary and create something unique! Nurtureknots offers personal demonstrations and one-on-one sessions for individuals and groups for corporate, event and leadership training programs.

5. MyTufty

Experience a modern take on traditional rug making

If you haven't been living under a rock, chances are you have probably heard of tufting. It's growing in popularity, and if you'd like to try your hand at this artful activity yourself, MYTUFTY is the place you are looking for.

As a tufting beginner, you'll learn how to operate a tufting gun and apply tufting techniques to make your own custom rug.

In the past, when rugs were made from wool or silk, tufting was a common craft. It used to be an extremely labor intensive process where each stitch is sewn by hand by a skilled artisan.

Today, it has become a trend among home decor enthusiasts who want to add a special flair to their spaces. Now thanks to technology, a tufting gun makes the process automated, allowing for more creative flexibility. The finished product is durable, unique and incredibly fluffy!

MYTUFTY offers both small group and private one-on-one sessions to teach you how to make your own handmade rugs and carpets. Join our workshops today and learn the unique art of tufting!

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